“Sleep is the best meditation.”- Dalai Lama. Now, I am no preacher of procrastination but I feel we all kinda abuse this form of meditation. To reap the benefits of sleep optimally, it is important for us to be ready for it. And therefore, it is important to know what to wear in bed (for sleep, we have already covered the sex part)

Bedtime attire may not be the most popular among gents these days. Perhaps because we have practically evolved wearing boxers everywhere, literally everywhere. Or maybe because the only time we gave much thought on what to wear in bed, is when she invited you over. And yes I understand if you are not that lucky and just always pass out in your jeans after a drunken night. 

But, the days of utter ignorance are now gone. Be a gentleman and take care of your sleep schedule. And to ace that, you need to take the first step i.e. What to wear in bed.



Ahh yes,  the classic and age old nightwear for men. Serves an all-round comfort and sophistication. Pyjamas or jammies make you feel mature and disciplined when going to bed. But doesn’t make you an old toad, okay? Try out new and colourful designs. Patterns on pyjamas are very popular and trendy. Try buying colors that are soothing and eye-gauging. Also, always remember to carefully select the material. Since pyjamas cover your body, the wrong material will cause discomfort.


  • Can be heavy on dry and hot summer days.
  • Absolute NO NO, when sleeping at bae’s


Most trusted and widely accepted nightwear for men- Our fav Boxers! Us male population can’t  thank the creator of this magical wear enough. (Read this to learn a little about underwear evolution.) 

Boxer shorts are enough to give you the ultimate comfort for a goodnight’s sleep. The correct pair of boxer shorts can literally keep your sleep demons at bay. And we happen to be the best makers of this magical wear. Check out our latest collection and buy your fav design to understand what I am talking about. 


(98% cotton gentlemen)

Cotton Kurta

It is time to get into the family business. Indian fathers have trademarked this nightwear- Kurta (did you also imagine it to be white?) and pyjama (also white?). Now you gotta tell your father that there is actually something that you can successfully take over from him. But, now here is the catch. I am talking about just the kurta (could be any colour) as your nightwear/nightgown kinda thing. Anyone remember Marshall from HIMYM talking about the benefits of a nightgown?


  • Finding a decent knee length kurtas that can be stiched.

Go Butt Naked

There was a reason why we had the best sleep as kids. Of course, because you did not have the responsibility of your family, career, love etc,etc,. Now, we certainly cannot run away from our responsibilities and well life, as it is. But, we can do our ‘bare’ minimum to at least enjoy every second of it. So, just kick your clothes out of your body (and toxic people out of life) and sleep bootyfully!


  • Big oops moment if your parents enter without knocking.

So now that you know you have the perfect guide for a goodnight, just shed off all that stress. Stop scrolling instead sip on some hot haldi-wala doodh and go to sleep. 

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