Pink Snakes & Lads Cotton Unisex Face Mask

  • Care Instructions: Washable.
  • Cotton Cloth Mask with Assorted Colors and Prints – Images are representative.
  • REUSABLE FACE MASKS: Made of 100% cotton, non-toxic, non-irritating, soft and comfortable.
  • It’s a reusable & washable and breathable mask for lasting comfort. Use up to 30 times.


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In this world full of SNAKES, be someone’s LAD!

Your favourite board game printed on your mask? Hell yeah! The Pink Snakes & Lads Mask are an ultimate favourite.

Who’s not played this iconic Snakes and ladders game as a child?
It taught us so much about life. About the people in our lives. The rolling of dice indicated the decisions you made that led you to either the snake or the ladder.
Just how unpredictable life could get. One moment you’re up, down the other. Yet, always so sedulous, hungry to win. Reach the finish line before others. Striving to reach the top quicker with shortcuts is never going to be satisfiable. The struggle, the hard work and a never giving up kinda attitude is always going to make the result worth it.

Wear this comfortable, Pink Snakes & Lads Mask, play board games with your loved ones, and chill down a little.



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