We have all had a good taste of WFH this year. From students to workaholics, all of us experienced the pleasure and pain of sitting on our butts all day. However, we may also have to accept this to be the “new normal” now. And lying on bed in boxers all day has without question affected our productivity. So, here are some tips on how to be productive in your boxer shorts.

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Wear something fresh

Wearing fresh prints is attributed to the release of happy hormones. In simple terms, heard of retail therapy? Exactly. So, when your body feels the fresh touch of 98% cotton, zero-dye boxer shorts down there it responds with max productivity and creativity. Down there and up in your brains as well. 

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Create a Work-space

A work-space is your me-time with your laptop. It can be your desk or a corner in your room. But, what is important here is that you should manage to keep all your work essentials at one place. Your work-space is where you drill your brain to be highly productive by the mechanism of repetition. Just make sure that your work-space area has good internet quality. And that it is NOT near your kitchen. We have all put on weight this lockdown and it’s okay. But, now we gotta get back in shape! So strictly stay away from the kitchen. 


Stick to the workspace

Now what is the point of replicating a pinterest inspired workspace and using it just for gram?

So learn to keep it as clean and tidy as it was on Day 1. Organize your essentials so that it becomes easy to maintain a neat workspace.  Even when you feel that the work is lazy and you can do it from your bed, stick to the workspace. Be loyal. This helps you establish a routine and not give in to lazy thoughts. Which in turn helps you be productive.


Office hours

9-5 is not a curse anymore, isn’t it? We all lowkey miss that schedule no. That is because we were hardwired to have the most creative ideas in those hours. Having a fixed timing tricks your brain into unleashing the most productive and creative ideas. This also helps you balance out fun hours. You just shouldn’t be working at odd hours. Abrupt working hours actually tires you more.So make a schedule based on your preference- night owl or morning daisy! 


Reward points

We all love to be appreciated and acknowledged in some way or the other. And we all deserve to be. And especially at times like these, we gotta have our own backs. Therefore, make sure that you keep appreciating yourself. Tiny rewards work like that of affirmations. A piece of chocolate or cookie or maybe just order something for yourself. Tap here to give yourself  the most relatable reward.

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Exercise on spot.

Now this was hard to achieve in office as well. But try to change your habits now. A healthy body balances a healthy mind. Try walking in your house every once in a while. Finally use that gym ball you got. And since you are already in the comfiest-quirkiest boxers no need to worry about that thigh sweat or sticky gym wear! Come on get up and do 10 push-ups to understand what I mean here. 

Hope these tips help you be productive in your boxer shorts! Let us know how many you could actually tick off.

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