Remember- “Life’s too short to be wearing mediocre underwear”. A simple piece of clothing which holds the power to shift your mood shouldn’t be stuffed and ignored in your drawer. So, if you are guilty about having a messy underwear drawer or if in a soup about it, read these tips to upgrade your sad underwear drawer.

Tip 1:  Deep cleansing


Roll out your entire underwear drawer on the bed or on the floor. Now set aside stained, ripped, faded prints and tattered underwears in a separate pile. Underwear that don’t fit or are not comfortable go in another pile.

STEP2:Eco-friendly ditching 

  1. Donate– If you have a few pairs that you haven’t worn more than twice, simply get them washed and donate. Whats Down boxers don’t fade even after 40 washes. So, donating your old Whats Down boxers will be as good as a gift to the needy.
  1. Recycle– There are many local companies or carpet-makers that break down the clothing and use the fibres to make insulations, carpets, and other materials.
  1. Reuse– Use your creativity and use old underwear material in making stuffed toys. Boxers can preferably be converted into rags by cutting it properly
  1. Compost– Clothes made of natural fibres like organic cotton, linen, or even hemp can be cut into thin strips and composted in your garden or in your compost heap. Just make sure that the underwear is 100% natural fibers and not mixed with other polyesters as those will not biodegrade in the ground.

Tip 2: Organize

Organizing your underwear into sets based on their types boxers, briefs, jockstraps and sexy underwear is essential and very helpful. Especially, when running late for work or when you get a booty call.

Throwing all your underwear into the drawer after wash is a bad habit you should immediately change. 


  1. Drawer dividers –

Buy a divider set online or simply DIY using cardboard, tape and scissors. 

Tip3: Folding methods

We will help you recall how to fold underwear, in case you have forgotten what your mum or dad taught you.

  1. Traditional ‘Square’ method

Place your underwear face up on the bed → Turn in the bottom up to the waistband→Now fold in the centre from both the sides. Your underwear should now look like a square.

Stack them up in your drawer or place them side by side.

men underwear isolated on white background,underpants for men
  1. Burrito fold

Place your underwear face up on the bed→Start rolling from one end of the waistband and reach the pocket area→Wrap the pocket around the underwear in such a way that it now looks like a roll or a burrito!

Tip 4: Collection

This is an instant fix for your sad looking underwear drawer. If you don’t already have a boxer shorts collection, worry not for you are on the right website. Check our latest monochrome collection and leopard prints NOW. These are your starter pack for owning a good collection. 

As good collection means a variety in designs and choices based on your mood and comfort.

Tip 5: Potpourri 

“Bruh that is like a female thing!” You wouldn’t sound so sure about that when your drawer stinks and when that body deodorant does not work down there.

Instead, just place a potpourri or drawer scents in your underwear drawer and forget about smelling like trash below.

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