A French Intern’s Journey in India, 2021

A French Intern’s Journey in India, 2021

Once upon a random Tuesday afternoon, our boss dropped the bombshell that we might be getting a French intern in our company. Cue the collective gasp and bewildered looks exchanged among us. We were a bunch of interns who had started our journey virtually, so the thought of connecting with an international intern brought on a whole new level of excitement and uncertainty.

But let me tell you, the road to meeting our French friend, Thomas, was no easy feat. His flight got delayed not once, but twice, and we were beginning to lose hope. It felt like an eternity before our boss finally announced that Thomas had boarded the plane and would be undergoing a week-long quarantine. Talk about anticipation!

When the day of freedom from quarantine arrived, we all rushed to the office to give Thomas the warmest welcome we could muster. And boy, were we pleasantly surprised! Contrary to our assumptions, Thomas turned out to be the sweetest soul ever. He embraced the Indian culture with open arms, fearlessly delving into all the exotic foods we threw his way. He even ventured out to explore the city on his own, fearlessly navigating the streets like a pro.

Imagine being just 19 years old and finding yourself in a completely foreign land amidst a global pandemic. Thomas faced the challenges head-on, making it look like a walk in the park. He taught us so much about French culture and international perspectives, but his greatest lessons were about humility and patience. Friendship knows no boundaries, and Thomas proved that to us.

While the rest of us interns would shuffle into the office a few times a week, Thomas became a regular fixture. Perhaps it was because of the irresistible chai served there that he fell head over heels for. Who can blame him?

But Thomas didn't just become an office regular; he also took our company to new heights in the marketplace. He worked his magic by placing our products on foreign platforms, opening up a world of possibilities for exponential profit growth. And let's not forget his role in social media marketing. From dancing in reels to modeling our vibrant green galaxy boxers and yellow sapphire t-shirts, he attracted a massive following and breathed new life into our online presence.

It's truly remarkable how a French boy ended up in India after stumbling upon our company on Instagram. It's a testament to the interconnectedness of our world and the boundless opportunities that await us on various platforms. So, dear reader, take this as your sign to seize the moment and take that leap into the unknown. Who knows where it might lead you?

In the end, our time with Thomas was an adventure filled with laughter, cultural exchange, and unforgettable memories. He reminded us that friendships can transcend borders, and that the journey is always more enjoyable when shared with kindred spirits from around the world. So here's to Thomas, our French intern turned friend, and to the beautiful chaos that ensues when different cultures collide. Cheers to the small world we live in and the big dreams that await us!

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