Winter has begun and the weather just keeps getting cosier night by night. Winters in a lot of parts of India are confusing as it isn’t cold enough to cover yourself with sweaters completely but not warm enough to wear tanks tops either. We have curated a guide to help people all over India pick apt fits for themselves.

The Fully Covered Statement Look

This look can be worn in as well as out of your house. You could head to an office meeting or a book date at a cafe after wearing this fit. This look can be worn as the warmer places as well as the cooler places. Places that suffer from extreme cold in winters can layer it with another jacket.

The Funky Look

This look can be worn on festive winter days at home and even be on relatively humid winter days at the beach. The boxers just add the perfect cosy touch to the look. Pairing kurtas with funky bottom wear just pushes your style game up to a 100.

The Sanskaari Look

This look can be worn on those days wear your mom forces you to wear Indian clothes for pictures but you play smart and only wear a kurta. This is a bold yet ethnic look. This look pleases your mom in the house and your followers on the internet. If paired with the right kurtas, even bottoms as comfortable as boxers can be worn traditionally.

The Ultimate Biker Boy Look

Nothing screams winter more than this look. It literally shouts “Grab a book. and ride to Ladakh.” You can never go wrong with this look in the winters. A black denim jacket paired with a navy blue tee can make anyone look stylish yet comfortable.

The Chill Look

You want to go for grocery shopping? You got this look. You want to catch up with an old friend? You got this look. You want to attend a class? You got this look. This look can be used everywhere. The colour of the the t -shirt pulls the game up of the entire outfit. A good pair of sneakers, some ripped jeans and a cap that compliment this t-shirt can just never go wrong.

The Beach Bod Look

The coastal places hardly experience the winter and this is the best look. The boxers look quirky and its print is unique. A shirt can be worn if it is windy but can be unbuttoned to flex some of the beach bod. It is a beautiful The ideal look for a coastal winter day in India is styled.

Lets Get The Work Done Look

Everyone will take you seriously in this look. This look shows that the person is a no drama kind of person. You cannot bullshit your way through with this person. A sweater on the shirt is one of the most attractive fits and will protect you from the winter cold too.

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