We are all an immensely bright star for our moms, but can we all split a bullet in two with a finger like Rajnikanth? No right, so take this quiz based on astronomical characteristics of a star to find out whether or not you will be a star in the future?

Now, a star can be defined based on these 5 characteristics

  1. Brightness

Now, in order to shine like a star you first gotta burn like it! (Sun is a star if you did not know!) So, adjust your screen brightness according to the surrounding but don’t stop hustling. If you learn this, consider yourself to be bright and hop onto the next characteristic.

  1. Color 

A star can exist in many colours, bright orange-red like our Sun to stars in blue hues. But,are all stars irrespective of fav color-combination. So, do you change your colours to please your petty fantasies? You do not deserve these colorful star print boxers if you do.

  1. Surface Temperature 

We all tend to lose our temper at times and may say things we did not actually mean. But once you master the skill of keeping a control on your surface temperature, you unlock the path towards success and inner peace. So keep calm and trust the process. But always remember,  I said process, not people!


The coolest, reddest stars are approximately 2,500 K, while the hottest stars can reach 50,000 K. Our sun is about 5,500 K.

  1. Size 

The size of your heart counts here and no other size. Stop looking at your toes, not the size of your eggplant. To be a future star, it is important that you know how to measure the importance of the size of happiness of others. Success comes easily to those who are kind to others for no reason and genuinely generous, because of the magnanimity of their hearts.

  1. Mass

What are you filled with? What gives weight to your existence? It’s useless to be a star and only be filled with superficial gases and pretentious matter. What are your ethics and principles? If you can confidently answer this, you got some mass man!

Now, how many of these retrospective questions could you answer with honesty? Did you really think this is some self-esteem upgrade quiz? Nahh, cuz if you really wanna know will you be a star in the future, you should be able to answer such questions without hesitation. 

Now, that you have successfully answered these you deserve some gift right? Here it is- this star print boxer to remind you to be a star that you are and how you can be! Also, gift it to people who you think will be a star in the future, right now. 

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