A few 700,000 thousand years ago a frustrated and perhaps inquisitive human being started grinding hematite (iron ore) and viola red ochre was made! That was the beginning of the use of the color red in body paints and cave art in the ancient times to  being used as a safe word during sex today. The color Red signifies passion, desire, boldness and even danger at times. Here are the reasons why the color red is used in…

 Danger sign

A red smoke or a red light flashing in a distant corner, one can instantly make out that it is a call for distress. Did you know why? Because the color red has the largest wavelength of all colors which means that it scatters the least. And this is the reason why much of the light gets reflected back and can travel longer distances through cloud, fog, dust to effectively enter our eyes. 


Red and green has been used as a Christmas party theme since ages now. But, did you know why? That’s because, red represents the blood shed by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. An early use of red at Christmas were the apples on the paradise tree. They represented the fall of Adam in the plays.Red is also the color of Bishops robes. These would have been worn by St. Nicholas and then also became Santa’s uniform!

Test cricket

Ever wondered why test cricket balls are red and T20 and ODI balls are white? What exactly is this discrimination about? The visibility and aerodynamics of the ball changes w.r.t the dye and material used. The white ball has been found to swing a lot more during the first half of the innings than the red ball. And basically, red ball is unsuited to night tests due to poor visibility, and the white ball is unsuited to first-class cricket because it deteriorates rapidly and cannot be used for eighty overs as specified in the rules. So yeah that..


The signature red-bottom high heels are not only in every woman’s checklist of must-buy-pain-is-pleasure-items, but also why Christian Louboutin is a proprietary eponym to high end high heel fashion. So there may not be a scientific reason why the shoemaker decided to create red lacquered heels as his signature. But, he sure knew the importance of the royalty and richness the color imparts. The tic-tac of the heels is surely heightened by the color. *I might gift one to my girlfriend, but she is imaginary at the moment.


Are you even a normal middle class human if you haven’t dreamt of wanting to buy a Ferrari someday! For the longest of time I thought that Ferrari was Sachin Tendulkar’s company *oops. But did you know why the luxury sports car comes in striking red? Because the founder, Enzo Ferrari is Italian and red is the traditional color of Italy. It represents life and passion. But hey, never say ‘Red Ferrari’ if you truly wanna avoid looking like an idiot. It’s Rosso Corsa along with Rosso Scuderia, Rosso Mugello, Rosso Dino, Rosso Fiorano.

Traffic signal

Well as covered above, Red is the universal code of danger and warning. And for the very same reason it is also used as a STOP sign in traffic signals. Because, even at a distance of 100mt, fog and cloudy weather the red sign can be spotted easily. (except by prodigal sons of the MLAs in their Audis’!)

Safe word 

Now why I have personally hated 2020 is cuz it was extra dry! No gym, no sex obviously I gained weight no! Wanna show off my new moves and I feel so confident about them because I’ll be wearing these super comfy and quirky boxer shorts to impress bae. Cut to using ‘red’ as a safe word in sex *Christian Gray mode on- using colors signals your partner and sets a conversation without having to speak while panting. So just adjust your pace mid sex without seeming impotent.


Ketchup lover gang assemble! There are only 2 types of foodies in this world- Foodies who try different food and Foodies who try different food with ketchup on top. Now, besides ketchup lovers Bollywood is eternally grateful for this product.*Don’t try to prank your mother at home though she’ll not be happy about the mess! So more than the natural content of carotenoid, Ketchup is mostly Red because of the dyes used in it. But, ketchup lovers certainly don’t care about that.

What’s Down Red Floral Boxer shorts

The very idea that inspired the making of this boxer shorts was the deep passionate appreciation for this color. It is rightly said that ‘You are what you eat, the books you read and the music you listen to.’ Additionally, what you wear too! So this is without question the right kind of shorts for all you bold, fierce, ambitious ladies out there. We know there ain’t no stopping you, but let these shorts also remind you the same.

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