Every Indian middle class child has grown up looking at their grandparents tuning the radio and making them listen to their fav songs. And listening to their yesteryear romance with the radio and its importance in their “zamana”. While this is not an atma-katha (autobiography) of a Radio. But a humble appreciation acknowledging why radio is still relevant in the 21st century.

Your very own Spotify mix

Don’t even have to bother about searching for a mix. Just tune into a channel and a mix is made for you, right there.And the best part about it is instead of the annoying spotify ads you get to hear the fun commentary of the hosts.

And we at What’s Down understand the unparalleled  love for music and created these lovely Green Musical Boxer shorts for all you music-lovers. They say sharing music is a love language, right? Now giving your fav person a music inspired boxers short is a unique love language. So, hit the right chords and make the purchase.

No internet needed

Ah, the paradoxical poison of the century. Our life would be reduced to nothing if not for the internet. But, listening to music shouldn’t be so dependent, especially when internet cuts are directly proportional to freedom of expression! *oops 


Any ‘Yaadon ka Idiot box with Neelesh Misra’ fans here? Shows that become your night time routine are addictive indeed. Listening to a good show not only entertains you but also connects you to different strangers from the city. However busy or mundane your lifestyle maybe, you realise at the end of the day we all live the same life!

Targeted advertising

Many businesses use this clever technique of advertising their products on-air to a targeted set of audience and repeatedly for very low prices. Advertising in local languages makes brand recognition easier and ensures faster brand building.


The memories of tuning to the right frequency and experiencing the sheer joy and excitement of perfect pitch is unmatched truly. Moreover, if you jammin with your grandparents on the radio, the long term memory of happy times will keep you going through all the bad times in life.

And this is exactly what our Old-tech boxers do to you. A big hit from our first collection, the Old-tech boxer shorts are enough to hit you with nostalgia. So, just like old friends, old things too should be appreciated and celebrated just like Radio Day on 13th Feb.

Now do I need to advertise this on Radio, silly?! Buy these comfortable and quirky boxer shorts now. 

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