Whats Down Boxers have been the quirkiest and best-kept secret for over 2 years! Changing the face of men’s underwear, Whats Down Boxers are way more than just pillowcases with legs, These two boxers won’t ride up in your crotch thanks to a special comfortable elastic band that goes around your waist. The waistband is made with a high quality stretchy elastic material that provides you with the ultimate undershorts freedom, unmatched softness and comfort.

Here’s why we don’t sell our boxer shorts in packs of three: your hips don’t work that way. the average human male needs to wear at least a pair of underwear, preferably boxers or boxer briefs, every single day. we’re going to count on that. but if you’re anything like us at whiskers, you have to have a drawer full of extra pairs since it always seems like they’re in use. offering our boxers in packs of three would mean more inventory sitting around unsold because sometimes you just need extra pairs. Even if you could buy one pack of three, where would you keep the extras?

A pack of three boxers is a marketing creation. When you buy boxers in a pack of three you get all three with the same pattern. In most cases, they use 1 cheap and thin fabric and then put different colours on each individual boxer. But if something goes wrong with just one boxer, you are left with two useless boxers who neither fit nor feel right! This is why we sell our boxers individually. We stand behind our products and want to give you the best possible experience with our products.

You deserve the best and that’s what we strive to deliver. The three-pack boxer pack is standard in the industry. It’s convenient for the manufacturer but if one pair goes bad, you’re stuck returning each one individually. We don’t think that’s fair. Every pair of our boxers are made from high-quality fabrics and we stand behind them with a 100% colour guarantee.

Delightfully different, digitally-printed boxer shorts for guys. These are a little bit different from the ones your dad wore, but our hand-drawn designs make them perfect for guys who want to be comfortable, but with a playful side.

Made out of 100% cotton and machine washable, your new favourites are the perfect mix of comfort and portability. For the modern gentleman, who appreciates comfort above all else.

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