In a world where products like pre-peeled bananas are sold at a ridiculous price, running a business can be expensive, especially when you are into selling of “expensive boxers”!

People go to lengths to quench their whims and fancies, diamond masks for instance. Or, the time when Hardik Pandya wore a ₹ 23k boxer shorts to get a haircut! But, what to do if you are not in the Indian Cricket Team or if your Chacha is not a Vidhayak (Scrooge McDuck)?

With such a high cost of living, how can you possibly justify  buying  investing in ₹ 549 worth of boxer shorts!

Yes, Whats Down sells expensive boxers. We won’t deny that. But here are the reasons why we charge what we charge:

1.Digital Printing 

Our boxers are digitally printed, which costs 3X more than conventional ink dyeing methods. And we are proudly the only company in the Indian Fashion Market to digitally print boxers. Digital textile printing has zero environmental hazards. Additionally, the colours on your boxers are as real as they appear on your screens right now. And, they appear as fresh as a new pair till minimum 40 washes! 

2. Luxury

While many cheap make-shift fashion companies may sell regular boxer shorts at 100-200 range. But, beware- the scheme is called “Itne mein itnaich milega” and the leaking fragments of fibre, holes everywhere and rag cloth colour in a few weeks is the proof. Whereas, we guarantee nothing but luxury down there! Yes, luxury for your balls and buttocks can be bought without having to make a trip to Bangkok. 

And this luxury doesn’t come with any hidden or extra charges. We price our products without adding any brand value charges! 

3. Local

While “Vocal for Local” has recently made many aware towards the importance and need for promoting local brands. It is prominent that we stick to this, and shatter our flawed perception of “Branded Only”. Read here to understand more about how local manufacturing helps from employment to economy.

4. Eco-Friendly 

“Sustainable Fashion” is the future and it punches “Fast Fashion” right in the face. And, we help do that by being 100% plastic free, from product to packaging. NO PLASTIC. Eco-friendly is the biggest flex you can make and honestly is the only flex that matters.

While, Fashion Industry alone is responsible for being the biggest bully to the environment, we do not join hands here.

5. E-commerce 

Well, buying boxer shorts with dope prints while lying on your bed is a premium service okay? Imagine surviving the entire lockdown in your itchy old boxers. Thank God, you can’t complain about it because we quite literally saved your ass. Our services are elite, NO fuss. We sell boxers and with the best prints. Just pick your fav and rest is on us!

We also ensure maximum customer satisfaction and are definitely more approachable than any other brands or your crush. Any query? Just drop a text on WhatsApp, no mail-no formality. I mean, can we be anymore friendly?


Yes, we a company who sells exquisite and expensive boxers . But in comparison to other hyped and hoity-toity brands in the market, we really aren’t! 

Mathematically too, investing in a pair of Whats Down boxers saves you the trouble of shamelessly buying the same old cheap designs every month.

So, don’t be a cheapass and buy smart.

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