There are many innerwear options in the market these days. You may have difficulty in finding the right one that can support your long hours of working and playing outdoors. The summer season clothes for men offer you many innerwear options. However, boxer shorts are a great go-to option for any man no matter if you’re 16 or 60.

Wearing boxers during summers is the best choice you can make for yourself. Breathing comfort is an important factor that most people tend to ignore. People prejudice a lot about their underwear and don’t know what exactly forms part of it and which does not. Boxer shorts are best for summer as they make breathing easier, have a wide variety of styles, colours and styles that are suitable for the day. These days, boxer shorts have seen a rise in popularity and more and more men are wearing them. This has also led to a product boom where there are numerous brands now coming up with new boxer models every month.

Summer is finally here, which means we don’t hate our bodies anymore. Because of that, I thought it was the right moment to make a review of the best underwear for summer.

Boxers vs Boxer Briefs vs Briefs

Summer is the season for boxers. Boxers are the open-air sports car of underwear, the wind in your hair. The freedom that boxers afford can be exhilarating in the summer months when you’re wearing fewer layers and your legs have room to breathe.

But if it’s still a little too brisk for boxers, consider boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are like a sedan — they’re snug, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. They’re also perfect for daily wear and exercise alike. They look good with almost anything you might choose to wear on your lower half (short shorts, pants, jeans), and can even be worn under tights or leggings when you head out for a run.

Briefs are like a pickup truck, which is great for hauling things around but not necessarily ideal for everyday use. Briefs provide support and coverage where it counts; they’re perfect for undersuits at work or formalwear, or athletic activities that require more stability than most of our day-to-day activities do. You’ll still see a lot of guys wearing them regularly, but they’re not as popular as they once were — probably because they’re very constricting and not exactly comfortable.

So what’s the verdict?

For a long time, my answer was boxer briefs. I didn’t think that boxers were comfortable enough, and regular briefs weren’t acceptable for wearing when I was active or under clothes — especially in summer when the heavier fabric of boxer briefs helped keep me cool.

But then I discovered the airy comfort of boxers, and now I’m hooked. They’re great for lounging around the house and sleeping, but they can be paired with shorts if you need to be active or run errands.

During the cold winter months, though, I switch back to boxer briefs. Their stretch-cotton fabric keeps me warm and dry during outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.

So what’s your underwear preference?

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