Sex and all is great but give a guy the latest playstation, an overused couch and an unlimited supply of coke and chips. THAT’S IT. Those are the essentials. 

Before I begin to list the importance of Playstation in a guy’s life, let me ask you something:

What’s the difference between the Playstation 5 and the Playstation 4?

Ans- Playstation 1.

I don’t understand the taboo over a guy’s obsession with Playstation! I mean all I do is breathe in my space and enjoy the utter peace of the virtual world. “Geez Karen, let the man breathe!”

PS, I love you.

Here, let me elaborate on why I am so thankful for this Japanese invention. Doremon couldn’t care less, but I would only ask for an 8-core, 16-thread CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 microarchitecture, manufactured on the 7 nanometer process node console right now!

Symbol of COOL

Before Netflix took over, Playstation was solely responsible for making kids look cool. True story that is, that I was the  kid who was pushed aside because of my dorky glasses. And small minded bullies only did shut up after my PS became the talk of the town. My status jumped from Grand Theft Auto III to San Andreas!

Bhupesh the bully is a jobless my-daddy-pays-for-my-foreign-vacations kid now, if you want to know.


Now this may sound bizarre to many, Playstation does help boost your brain’s cognitive functioning and sharpens visual reflexes in the tectum part of the midbrain. So yes, I am basically exercising my brain and being healthy. Just like it’s growth from PS to PS-V has been nothing but perfect.


Everybody has that one peculiar habit or a ritual that they follow in order to de-stress. It may be chamomile tea, a hot shower, a good book or maybe playing sport. For us gamers, it is playing playstation. The feelings are met in the exact same way and it works for us. So, seriously stop bickering Karen! 


The quality and the design of all the consoles till date has been nothing but superior and I have no complaints. Much like this Playstation Boxer short- quality uncompromised. Whats Down and Sony’s Playstation have this one quality in common. If you do not believe that, buy this piece right away and let us know if you agree. 


People do crazy shit to release that adrenaline and I am not advising you to jump off a clif in order to feel something. But, yes PS5 is already making me go crazy and I can’t stop thinking about those futuristic blue-glow accents!! Now, let me tell you something crazier- PS5 in PS boxer shorts! Say whaaaa! That’s the dream. And tap here to see that magic.


Building connections and long lasting relationships these days is so tough! An entire lifetime and you still have trust issues no? But, this bud here has been my fav since I first got to know him! My partners in crime- my boxers and my playstation. Why do you even bother letting anybody else in my life!

(PS,PS1,PS2, PS3 and now PS4 silently judge me from the basement!)

So yaa, to sum it up I would say that I may sometimes completely, honestly and unknowingly not give up enough attention, but I can’t help it. Because trust me girl, I am a gamer, but would never play with your heart!

My fellow PS fans, as we await the touch of PS5, I recommend this cool PlayStation Boxer shorts for optimum feels! No one would console you once these sell out.

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