While entering my house there is a custom of taking out your shoes at the door, we also invite you to take down your pants if you have some quirky boxers to show off. The shoes however are a requirement.

In the midst of the Corona Virus, where public safety and social distancing is at its peak, everyone has started adopting a new way of working. If you’re home and working? You don’t have to dress as if you’re going to the office. Fashion experts say stick to what makes you feel comfortable at home.

Big fashion houses are riding the waves of making designer face masks and branded hand sanitizers, but we did not wish to go down that route, solely for the reason that we do not believe as a brand to take advantage of a pandemic to make a profit.

Just like all the other small companies, we have also been affected. Our logistic partners have shut down and we have adopted the flexibility of timings within our team working out of our homes at our convenience.

Home has always been a place where you feel comfortable, where the shedding of clothes and looking like a part of society is not necessary. Home is where you discover your new outfit and bring an alternate personality to your close friends, family and now co-workers.

Remember the times when few of us wore crisp white shirts and boxers under them for a formal video conferencing call? Isn’t the world doing that just right now!

However, if you think a home uniform simply means your old college sweatshirt and some stained pants, you need to think again.

Ideally, leisurewear is considered to have loose, flowing fabric, which is more breathable and comfortable to carry. These for men typically are pajamas or boxers, which is originally men’s nightwear but now considered all-day wear.

Don’t buy into the idea that wearing uncomfortable clothing, whether it’s jeans or suits, somehow makes you more productive and more presentable to the world. You’re working out of your house right now. It’s time to get cozy.

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