The month of February is just so special, ain’t it? The cold winds singing gentle music in your ears, the moon shining so bright in the sky, the flowers smelling like a young summer affair, there is love in the air! (*Delhi peeps looking blank). However broken, unlucky or uninterested you may be in the matters of the heart, this month works its magic every year. So learn about Valentine’s Day 2021: How to make it special for your special someone.

DAY1- Rose Day (7th Feb)

Wanda the Owl, from Bojack Horseman once said- “ When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red-flags just look like flags.” So, appreciate the one with whom you do not see any red-flags. You could definitely take this a notch up and instead of giving them a rose you could gift them this Red Couple Boxers Combo from What’s Down, specially selected for the perfect Rose Day gift.

Red Floral Boxers Maroon Dumbbells

DAY 2- Propose Day (8th Feb)

Get butterflies every time you talk to them or even think about them? Let them be known via words. Be it a fancy proposal or a lowkey confession, what matters is that you express your feelings to the person without hesitation. 

DAY 3- Chocolate Day (9th Feb)

This is every human’s favourite day irrespective of the valentine’s week. Expressing love and affection for your loved one wouldn’t be any easier. Buy a chocolate and a few more and probably 2 extra for some extra love. Because, how much chocolate is enough chocolate, right? 

DAY 4- Teddy Day (10th Feb)

“Bean has Teddy, I have you.” Gifting a teddy to that one person is showing your cute side to the person and not shying away from the cliches. But, you do you right? You can get creative and gift this cute Pink Boxer shorts combo to your date and express your mushy feelings.

Vertical Boho + Multi Dino

Day 5- Promise Day (11th Feb)

Find someone who makes pinky promises plus kinky promises. But make sure you deliver on those promises. I don’t know about you, but we at What’s Down deliver what we promise- Quality quirky and comfy boxers. Order this fun Grey Couple Boxers Combo to know how we keep up with our promises and deliver them.

BnW Roses+ Grey Cocktail Boxers 

DAY 6- Hug Day (12th Feb)

A hug a day, keeps the doctor away. I don’t care if you heard apple was the answer all these years. A 30 sec hug releases trust hormones and you can’t argue with science. Keep your trust issues at bay and hug your partner real tight like a bear. Just like these boxers make you feel around your butt. Buy this blue Couple Boxers Combo to keep all the blues away. 

Blue Floral + Blue Mistletoe

DAY 7- Kiss Day (13th Feb)

Kiss karne se naak bichme nahi aati idiot! Don’t just say this to your idiot but kiss them and let them know. Fun fact- A passionate kiss burns 31 cal. Now, you gotta work out well after eating all those chocolates is what I mean to say. 

DAY 8- Valentine’s Day (14th Feb)

Free advice: Your valentine should be someone you brings peace to you. In a world full of red hearts, find someone whom you can send a white heart emoji. And if you do find that person, send this White Boxers Combo to them to let them know how they ease your life.

White Floral + White Playing Cards

So, here hoping you find your special someone this Valentine’s Day 2021 and if you have already you know how to impress them.

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