Underwear/ Undergarments/ Delicates or intimate wear…the genesis of this basic apparel probably began with humans using leaves/animal skin to shield their sensitive body parts. To present day scenario, with so many options in Men’s Underwear alone.

Protecting themselves from the harsh climate and the wild and has now evolved to serve purposes ranging from protection of outwear from genital secretions to sexually attracting mates! 

While you have gotten habituated to exclusively wearing boxers for the past two months it is important to know that other types of underwear exist and Men’s Underwear is not restricted to a pair of boxer alone. And, underwears alone have the power to control your mood for the day and decide your hernia. Hence, choosing the right underwear on the basis of season, your outfit and your body shape becomes even more important. Thanks to evolution, Men’s Underwear has evolved into so many types.

*people who prefer to ‘go commando’ can read this for knowledge!


A.k.a- Long Johns, Long handles

Use: Preferably used during cold climatic conditions as thermal wear or can solely be used as nightwear. Mormons use it as temple wear too.

Trivia: whole body underwears were a fashion trend in early 1920s till late 1930s


A.k.a- Tees and tank tops/vests

Use: Covers the torso and is usually worn informally as an outer garment.

Trivia: There is no law to stop Indian uncles from wearing vests the wrong way!



A.k.a -tighty whiteys

Use- These standard and versatile kingpin of men’s underwear can be worn with any outfit and is easy on your skin in all seasons and most owned by men. Traditionally, briefs have a Y-shaped fly and have an elasticized waistband and leg bands that end at or near your groin providing a good coverage.

Trivia-  It always competes with boxers!

Also available as- 

Diagonal-flap briefs.

Mid-rise briefs

Low-cut or low-rise briefs

Pouch briefs.

Bikini Briefs 

A.k.a- Mankini

Use-These are what you have seen those hot-bod models wear for a playboy photoshoot. (Stop squatting now!) These are usually worn with a waistband lower than your real waist and often at hip length with leg band ending at the groin.

Trivia- It was popularized by Sacha Baron Cohen, who donned it in the film Borat and revolutionized men’s underwear and fashion industry.

Also available as-

High-sided bikini briefs

Low-sided bikini briefs

String bikini

Boxer Briefs

A.k.a – Trunks 

Use- The most popular type of underwear these days and usually worn for workouts and when you are sweating it out. These are essentially a hybrid of boxers and briefs and come with no fly and are skin tight.

Trivia- A recent Harvard study found men who wore boxers had about 25% more sperm than those who wore briefs

Also available as-

            Athletic-style boxer briefs

Pouch Boxer briefs 

Boxer Shorts 

A.k.a- Boxers 

Use- My personal favourite for the past 8 weeks and since I first wore them! These are loose fitting shorts with a fly and may/may not have a pocket in the back for essentials. These are available in quirky prints, so that when you are at the brink of fainting from the days exhaustion you can just take out your jeans and just drop dead on the couch wearing these!

Trivia- WhatsDown has the best boxers for you.


A.k.a – Nut cup or supporter 

Use-*Jocks assemble. Remember wearing these for cricket matches? Well, I don’t have the balls to face a season ball with no support to my balls! These come with an elastic waistband and a support pouch for the genitalia and two elastic straps affixed to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip.

Trivia- The word is a contraction of ‘Jockey strap’ as it was first worn by men riding bicycles like messengers and delivery men.


A.k.a- Go-aheads/ Zoris

Use-These are minimum wear and low coverage underwears worn to avoid panty lines while wearing tight trousers. They can also be used to sexually titillate your partner!

Trivia- New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia ordered the city’s nude dancers to cover themselves and the thong was invented to just barely do the job.

Also available as-

G-string- A string is attached to the fabric in the front and is appropriate while sunbathing and spas.

T- front – These are similar to G-string, but with a wider strap around the waist.


A.k.a- invisible underwear

*If you are realising your sexuality while reading this, its okay, just accept it. 

Use-These are similar to G-string, however without the string! 

Are usually worn in clubs and burlesques and available in neon colours.

Trivia-These men C- thong is not only charm your partner, but it will also bring intrigue and fantasy in the bedroom


A.k.a- Cheeky

Use-Doing complete justice to the name, these underwear are similar to G-string but with a wider fabric around the waist. The fabric is usually thinner to provide ultimate comfort. 

Trivia- They have less coverage than bikinis but more than thongs or G-strings

Know your underwear and choose yours accordingly.

And if you’re into boxers, click here for ultimate comfort with quirky prints. 

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