“We live in a box of space and time. Movies are windows in its walls.”- Roger Ebert. This quote is enough to express our feelings for movies. Irrespective of your love for the genre of movies, here are top 10 LGBTQIA movies (Hollywood+Bollywood).

My heart goes out to people who can’t/couldn’t love freely because the so-called “perception” of the society has shackled their hearts and mouths. These LGBTQIA movies are a must watch for every LGBTQIA supporter and also for people who don’t understand love.

10. Carol

This Oscar nominated 2015 romance drama is based on a 1952 novel ‘The price of salt’ by Patricia Highsmith. Starring the evergreen Cate Blanchette and Roony Mara as the leads for the characters Carol and Therese respectively. A forbidden love affair between an aspiring photographer and an older woman going through a divorce. A love story with some jaw dropping twists and turns. It also speaks volumes about women empowerment in the 1950s.

9. Paris is burning

A 1990 American documentary movie on drag queens of NYC and their “house” culture. It provides a sense of support for the glitzy performers and inspires many others. Watching the renowned drag queens Willi Ninja, Peper LaBeija and Dorian Corey on screen just takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

8. Dostana

Two guys rather strangers pretend to be gay in order to get their hands on an apartment with a female roommate. With whom they eventually fall in love with. Even though this musical comedy of sorts has its bollywood dose of drama and masala. It is worth watch as it comically demystifies many stereotypes. Especially that of desi moms (Kiron Kherr is just fab truth be spoken). It’s fun to watch with your chaddi buddies, like literally your chaddi buddy

7. Moonlight

This movie is a true introspection in identifying and discovering your inner self. Remember the 2017 oscar envelope mishap? Oh boy! Nevertheless the conundrum, Moonlight was a worthy win for Oscars. A movie divided into 3 time periods about the life of an African-American man struggling with his sexuality and identity. It is magic to watch Mahershala Ali on screen, the man literally translates his sorrows and satisfaction into his soulful expressions. 

6. God’s own country

A sweet and wholesome movie, I’d say. This is God’s own way of telling you to watch this movie, if you haven’t already. The scenic beauty of Yorkshire just calms you down. It not only opens up your mind towards love and sexuality but also makes you empathetic toward people struggling with their own set of problems in life.

5. Rent

Heartbreaking, heartwarming but memorable. A musical journey of memorable and vibrant characters. Rent has it all and more. A complete package of emotions, from the fear of a bleak career, love life on the crossroads and the effects of the AIDS epidemic on the community. It is vibrant and full of music and dance. Good thing if you are sitting in comfortable boxer shorts to just frolic on the tunes when you want to.

4. Kapoor and Son’s 

A modern-age family drama with an adequate amount of Bollywood masala and Shakun Batra twists. The movie is a refreshing take on reactions and reverberations caused in an Indian household on understanding their son’s sexual preference. It’s amazing how the movie keeps Rahul’s secret a secret till the time the pressure cooker at the Kapoor household explodes. It’s fun, emotional, eye opening and most importantly a movie you can certainly watch with your parents. Just don’t tell them beforehand that it is infact a LGBTQ movies mixed with some Indian family drama.

3. Aligarh

Directed by the legendary Hansal Mehta, Aligarh is based in the true story of Prof. Ramchandra Siras.He was an Indian linguist and author and a professor at the Aligarh Muslim University. A sting operation was performed on him to determine his sexuality to later be tossed out as sinful and to be mocked upon. He later develops close relations with the journalist covering his story. Manoj Bajpai and Raj Kumar Rao are undeniably the perfect cast to showcase such a story.

2. Brokeback Mountain

This movie is a thoughtful, frustratingly heart breaking and numbing piece of creation. Both the protagonists love each other and acknowledge their emotions for each other, however without expressing that to each other for a really long period of time. This movie depicts how silence can be so very painful, not only for the lovers but for their unfortunate wives as well. Makes you realise how very important it is to let your feelings be known to the other person. Because, sniffing through their shirts once they are gone does not count as a confession.

1.Call me by your name.

This movie has swooned millions since its release. The beautiful actors, the mesmerizing life in North Italy in the summers and healing music. A movie, as many say, that took cinematic experience a decade back. Oh to be young and in love! A never to be forgotten summer affair, one dare say. It teaches you life’s many aspects and does not fail to show how love is nothing but a bittersweet poison we all wanna taste. 

Whats Down supports love and the only way we could show our support for the LGBTQIA community was by doing it in our own quirky yet comfortable way. Firstly, by recommending these top 10 personally picked LGBTQ movies and now *drumrolls* introducing our Multicolour pixels boxer shorts. Wear them in pride and let the world know that love is love and you are not afraid to love!

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