Referring to Coco Chanel as a fashion designer would be an understatement. The revolutionary creator, crafted a whole new meaning for clothes. She liberalized fashion from the constraints of corsets and allowed women to be comfortable and to love what they wore.  The Aztec (tribal) print is the only print that remained untouched by the legend.

However, she does have something to say about it.. And, anyone who questions the raging popularity of Aztec or tribal prints in the fashion industry needs to rename themselves as ‘fashion fools’. Because, this is what Coco Chanel has to say on Aztec prints or any other prints tbh- 

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

And this is exactly how the Aztecs embodied the idea and inculcated that in their clothing. And, we at Whats Down did not shy away from using this classic Aztec (tribal) print, because it is our goal to give you ultimate comfort down there. 


DID YOU KNOW?-Chocolate, Avocado, Guacamole, Chili/chile are words gifted to the world by the Aztecs!


The Aztec or the tribal print dominated the fashion world after its debut in the 2009 runway at the renowned Matthew Williamson Spring /Summer Show. And most importantly, without fail it was quickly absorbed by high end fast fashion brands like Zara, H&M. 

The Aztec print is a mix of zig-zags, polka dots, strips, chevrons and others imbibed in solid shapes like triangles, circles and outlines. These patterns form fine print that looks stylish yet elegant at the same time. 


DID YOU KNOW? Mexico city is built upon the Aztec empire.

Aztec Print in everyday life

Unknowingly, but undeniably the Aztec print raved many industries around the world. The cool and calm prints inspired artists to use this print in many ways. From nail art to college bags, nothing was left untouched by this mesmerizing print.


DID YOU KNOW? The Aztec practised gory human sacrifice rituals and sacrificed an estimated 20,000 people a year by skimming, decapitation and dismemberment.

Aztec Print- Menswear

This bold and aesthetic print is the perfect fit for a man you wish to create a minimalist yet elegant look. 


Firstly, a funky pair of tribal socks can be paired with any attire. Be it a crisp formal suit or a casual chino-polo outfit. It creates the perfect contrast.


Secondly, you can make a bold statement using an aztec print handkerchief. Pull out your handkerchief and you’ll be targeting the right attention.


Thirdly and most importantly, Aztec print is so cool it goes well with anything. A quirky aztec boxer is the perfect counterpart to women’s skirts. And, you can literally wear it with a cool vest and a light cotton shirt on a casual walk and fulfill your cabana boy dreams. Now, don’t complain if people assume you are a tourist and start clicking pictures!

In conclusion, Whats Down has already checked your outfit goals. Now all you gotta do is tap here and buy this funky print. We bet this boxer can single handedly get you your transformation pictures. 


DID YOU KNOW?-  Compulsory schooling based on caste and gender system was practiced. Moreover, Noble children would learn astronomy, philosophy and history. Lower caste children would be trained in warfare and trade. Whereas, girls’ education was focused on home-care duties. 

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