I’m sure you are aware of the life cycle of clothes in an Indian household. It all starts with clothes that you wear outside your house and with time they become clothes that we wear at home. They are eventually demoted to night wear and finally the holi kapda. After becoming the holi kapda there is only one way out, that is the pocha. But you don’t need these many pochas in a house so eventually a house will have surplus pochas and not enough dust. 

This Ganesh Chaturthi, #GiveMoreYa

Stop it now!

Break this cycle now, use your clothes judicially and stop exploiting them. If you think something has started to look different than it did before then donate it as soon as possible. You are going to buy new clothes to replace these clothes regardless. 

This is how you can help

We can help you achieve this goal. This Ganesh Chaturthi we will donate 20 masks to the “Helping Hand Foundation”. Apart from that we have decided to donate on every Ganpati Visarjan day. We will donate on the 1.5th day, 3rd day, 5th day, 7th day as well as 10th day. For every set of donation you make on the visarjan day we will match your donation with a mask with tigers and mango through the same foundation. Hopefully these masks will protect the childhood of a few kids too.

The Helping Hand Foundation caters to a lot of causes. They help the underprivileged, they empower women, help in creating a sustainable environment and contribute to disaster management. 

Be the “sukharta and dukharta” to a new person this Ganesh Chaturthi. You can donate to your house help, your swiggy delivery person or even the riksha driver. Just go for it and if you still find difficulties in donating to someone in your neighbourhood, you can always send your donations to the Helping Hand Foundation.

​​If you are unsure of whom to donate to you can always get some help from us!

You can donate on 

The 1.5th day to the security guard.

The 3rd day to the Riksha driver.

The 5th day to the Food Delivery person.

The 7th day to the local vendors – milkman, newspaper delivery person, help at office, tuition, university or hostel.

The 10th day to the house help!

This Ganesh Chaturthi, #GiveMoreYa

Why should you send pictures?

A lot of people find it unnecessary to post about donations but it is all worth it when you are assured that another unfortunate individual will benefit out of it! As far as it encourages anyone else to donate, we are ready to help them. And you would have managed to inspire one person to donate, making a difference in someone’s life in ways you cannot even imagine. Please do send your videos and photos while donating to our email address and tag @shopwhatsdown !

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