“Luke, I am your Father” might be the most colossal cinematic plot twist in the history of film-making . And this Star Wars catchphrase is also an eternal catchphrase to annoy your friends when in a dead end argument.

The Star Wars Saga is not just a sci-fi multi film, it is a Legacy. Darth Vader is not just a villian, he is also your professor’s nickname or your girlfriend’s father. 

And, May the 4th is not just a date, it is a celebration, which I celebrated by switching off all the lights in my room and staring at my ceiling full of glow in the dark galaxy stickers and comparing it to my galaxy boxers. Of course after failing to follow the steps on ‘ How to make DIY lightsaber with a flashlight’.

The Star Wars Saga is an ideal example of how sheer imagination can create a significant impact on the core dynamics of pop culture and filmmaking and also Fox studios’ revenues. I mean, can you imagine that if George Lucas had not conceived an idea of creating a galaxy themed-family problems-good over evil-I wanna make a monkey talk based film; we would not have Baby Yoda today! NOoOoOoOooo. 

And imagination should be appreciated in every form, and not because ‘International Property Rights’ breathes in the same air. “Imagination is the progeny of passion and parent of a product.” 

But, we at WhatsDown promote the power of imagination and thrive to create the quirkiest of designs to quench your fashion fantasies. Because, we know you deserve to be happy down there. 

Now, since you have been so loyal and made it till here *wipes sweat from the eyes*; I’ll share the inspiration behind the production of our prints and themes. 


THEME 1: Party Boxers.

Designed for the animal within you.

We understand that some days you just wanna roar and jump to the beats, without bothering to get out of your room. Who said you cannot party in your boxers, blasting 70s retro music with some chilled beer in your hand? Well, whoever said that, must be a real life party-pooper. 

THEME 2: Sleep Boxers

Curated for a good night.

Aren’t your boxers supposed to do that exactly? We know that and want you to have a peaceful sleep. Psychologically, the soothing and colorful prints help calm you down and keep your sleep paralysis demons at bay. My favourite from this collection is galaxy print, its dreamy and helps me create a script for the next sci-fi space adventure.

THEME 3: Work Boxers

To get you hustling 

Did you know, Mark Zukerberg swears by wearing his casual clothes to work because it helps him focus and make better decisions. And, we don’t want your startup to face a lag because you got too busy adjusting your tie. Let all the ideas flow and channelize them into an effective plan in this comfortable wear, but of course don’t meet the investors in the same attire.

THEME 4: Chill Boxers

 To destress and relax

You don’t always have to rush to the tapri(mumbaikars don’t call it cigarette stalls) and breathe out smoke or keep a nicotine patch in your pants handy at all times. Just change into these relaxing boxers and let your lungs be proud of you. 

Comment your top 3 favourites from the collection.

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