… is certainly not Donald Trump in it to begin with. Good news there is that the Electoral college confirmation draws a clear line on who the winner is. Donald Trump and his white-washed white supramistic gang now finally needs to raise the white flag. Because, the only thing the Whitehouse needs right now is a fresh new start.

There is something so divinely affirmative with fresh starts and new beginnings, ain’t it? For instance, welcoming this new year without forgetting the teachings of the previous year. Finally forgiving and forgetting your ex. And hey come on, renewing the gym membership for the 90th time also counts as a fresh start; I don’t care what anyone has to say about that. 

So just like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if you too are about to make a fresh start about something in your life, be it as minor as sticking to a good sleep schedule or starting a new job or perhaps taking a step forward in your relationship or if you have failed in something and need to accept that with grace and dignity in order to move forward. (Donald Trump are you listening?) These things will help you do just that.

Include these practices/ things in your life to get that ultimate kickstart for a new beginning.

White noise

Music is an art that liberates your soul and mends your meandering mind (*starts humming Kun faya kun). White noise, in music, is the effect of the complete range of audible sound-wave frequencies heard simultaneously. Definition aside, it is the music that helps you sleep better at night. Vedic hymns, sounds of cymbals and snare drums create the same effect. Building a bedtime ritual is the building block of creating a healthy lifestyle and listening to white noise will help you get there in no time.

White house

No, just because this blog is titled ‘The only thing Whitehouse needs right now..’ I don’t want you to start planning a trip to Washington DC (*H1B restrictions intensifies). What I mean is, to paint a few walls in your house as plain white. The colour white signifies fresh starts and new beginnings and is the color of calmness and divinity. Coming back home after a tiring day filled with stress, dismay and doubt is very exhausting and we all go through it. But coming back home to the calm interiors of your white walled white house can help you calm your anxiety and anger. Don’t believe me or the scientists, I bet you’ll believe Kim Kardashian. The socialite swears on the benefits of having a super minimalistic white space to live in!

White Florals

Nothing like the freshness and sweet smell of flowers. Just having flowers around you is a therapy in itself. The aroma, the color, the aesthetics, simbly awesome macha! But having white florals is especially soothing to the senses. Did you know why white florals is the theme for most weddings? Duh, so that the pair keeps calm and doesn’t panic the last moment. Maybe that is the reason why Ross said, “I take thee Rachel”, because the wedding theme was not white florals that night?! 

Now, having access to fresh white flowers is next to impossible, especially if you live in a metropolitan like Mumbai. And Delhites are lucky to be even breathing in 2.5 PM AQI -306! (Toh kya karu mein mar jaun?) 

No, stop being a drama queen and buy these white floral boxer shorts. Now these are fresh from our new collection and designed for women but hey who is to judge you for wearing something that you like huh! It doesn’t matter if you are a man and wearing white floral boxers too because the ultimate goal of making these is exactly what this blog mentions- new starts!

Although, I guess the only thing the whitehouse needs right now is a pair of these white floral boxers too! 

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