If only one was researched enough to understand the fluctuations in human moods and it’s varying intensity. From morning tea/coffee, IG feed, your ex’s Snapchat memories to PMS days, weather update and Kangana’s tweets our moods can be easily affected without us even realising. Add to that, with the season on summer approaching, tropical color greatly affects our moods as well. And here is decoding the mystery of the effect of tropical colors on the mood.

The makeover canary

Nothing changes your mood like coffee on the table before work and canary on your home walls after a bad mood. The mystery of the effect of this tropical color on the mood is nothing but the bright hues of the sunshine yellow that motivates you to change your life for good. An accent wall or a quirky antique or a furniture can bring that dose of enthusiasm and energy back in your life, instantly. 

The calm turquoise 

The instant reminder of the calm ocean breeze and tropical seas is the effect of this vivid blue. It’s uplifting undertones help lift your mood and gives you the satisfaction of having accomplished whatever you have in your life till now. From bathroom tiles to your boxer shorts turquoise compliments whatever you pair it with. What’s Down Turquoise Mosaic Boxer shorts are just calming to look at. Can you just imagine the feels tho? Don’t imagine, buy here.

The terrific tangerine 

The touch of an intense and bright orange is what one needs to refill on all the lost confidence and control in life. Not only that, the bright hues bring back all the cheer and luck. The sophisticated and cheerful color in your living room or kitchens is an instant boost of happy hormones.

The funky fuchsia

What is life without some funk in it. Fuschia in a color palette is like that cool aunt who visits once in 6 months, all vibrant and like a scandal of romance. Paint any wall of your house with fuchsia and see how all that fun packed inside you for years just comes popping out. If painting walls is perhaps too big a step, just try these funky Tropical Print in purple (fuchsia) without any doubts and see the drastic change in your mood. 

The aaahh aqua

Need a vacation? Miss the tropics? But not enough money in pocket? Just turn your bathroom wall all aqua and you are set. Take showers imagining the pleasure of bathing in the tropics, under the sun and with the cocktails. While the later part can be easily organized at home as well.

So now do you understand how you can change your mood by simply making these tiny changes in your home and your wardrobe. While we certainly cannot help you with painting walls and redecorating house walls. We are definitely the experts in  making that change in your lazy wardrobe. Just as we decoded the mystery of the effect of tropical colors on the mood.

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