One of the most frequently asked questions to entrepreneurs is, “How do you not lose interest or how have you not given up on your business yet?” Several answers to these questions have made it to articles on different papers but the gist always remains the same, it is that they believe in the cause of their business.

The Meaning of Business Has Changed

It is truly not easy to start a business in this era and holding on to it is another ordeal altogether. But a lot of the entrepreneurs are now business tycoons only because they held on to their business. The only force that kept them going was their faith in the cause. 

Decades ago the causes behind business were simple, they wanted prettier or comfier items in people’s possession but now it’s not just about the customers. It’s about the community as a whole. Inclusion and awareness stand at the top of such causes. 

The Meaning of Business Has Changed

Whats Down was started to revolt against fast fashion, to make clothing fun and to own body confidently in comfortable inner wear. It started off as company that sold printed boxers primarily to men but now majority of its employees are female and it is one of India’s few companies that sells boxers to women. Accepting is extremely necessary in our gender inclusive and fashion fluid era. 

The Meaning of Business Has Changed

If you ask our founder too, he won’t say the journey was easy but making a difference never is. But if you ask him if it was worth it, the answer will never be no. 

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