Do you know what ‘Ghar ki Murgi Daal Barabar’ translates into? It means – The grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence). 

However, the literal translation for 2020 is – Support Indian Brands: Boycott Chinese Products.

NOTE: This is not a blog discussing the current clarion call on boycotting chinese products. And, I definitely cannot talk about economics and trade and international relations for more than 30 secs.But, this is about the other side of the coin i.e. Supporting Indian Brands.

WHY Support Indian Brands: Boycott Chinese Products?

These are uncertain times (sorry if you heard that for the 969th time), we have been uprooted socially, financially, emotionally and many have suffered far more than us and in ways unimaginable from the privileges of our couch and kitchen. And when we promote- Support Indian Brands: Boycott Chinese Products, we promote an entrepreneur, who employs thousands around him, thousands who do not have to eat half a meal working under the clutches of a foreign conglomerate.

Whats Down is a proud Indian company and your fav chaddiwalas who believe in this credo and produce the best quality boxers, keeping your crotch in mind (not literally) and our environment in heart (yes, literally). And if you don’t believe that sentence, just click here, order your fav print and you’ll know that we are 100% eco-friendly. From packaging to print, using ZERO PLASTIC. 

Additional to all the trade and economic aspects, supporting local Indian brands creates a sense of value for the producers and results in harmonized and collective working of every person involved in the process. In short – Ghar ka paisa, ghar mein hi rehta hai. 

HOW To Support Indian Brands: Boycott Chinese Products?

We all learned the basics of doing this from Phunsuk Wangdu (Double U, W). Wait! No. The OG is Sonam Wangchuck. Yes, a viral video for the right reason and not a YouTube v/s Tik Tok War! 

So, after you are done uninstalling all the Chinese apps from your phone, make sure you focus on gradually removing all things ‘Made in China’ (except ajino moto- it’s Japanese). 

Because, after 3 months of watching the wall termites grow, I have come to a conclusion – both, Chini (sugar) and Chini (Chinese) are not good!

Next, if you are friends with somebody who has founded his/her own company; shower all your love to them. Give them your support. Follow their pages, promote them through stories and order their products. 

It’s high time, your brains get washed off the toxic “branded” status quo ideology. Or in our Founder’s words- “Lead like a horse, don’t be a Jockey.”

If, reading all this even minutely inculcated a sense of national solidarity, I say; “Order a pair, don’t be a Pappu.” 

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