DID YOU KNOW? There are more than 8,000 sports in the world right now. And, I think since the lockdown, ‘extensive sleeping’ is an addition to the list. Since, more and more people are competitively turning into literal pandas-

✅ Sleeps 10+ hours

✅ Eats the entire day lying in the comfiest boxer shorts 

✅ Has black patches around the eyes!(points at self) 

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” – originally said by Heywood Broun, and captioned by every jock in a candid  jersey photo. We all certainly miss our times on the fields; dripping in sweat, post match chill sesh and the most satisfying sleep after the victory match. 

There, there, it will all resume soon. 

And when it does, we want you to be ready to ace ‘em in style. So, here are a few sports that you can completely enjoy in your boxer shorts without worrying about blue balls. 

1. Archery/ Shooting sports

Go shoot your shot, brother. Archery is a skillful sport of focus and accuracy. You cannot aim if you are not calm. And you cannot stay calm if there is chaos down there. Comfortable wear and classy prints on these boxer shorts will help you get your mark.

2. Bowling

Friday Night plans are a distant fairytale. But, not for long. With new norms setting foot in our faces, adapting to changes is crucial. If masks and gloves can be fashionably worn, why not quirky boxer shorts for Friday night hang outs? Don’t let the same old underwear pin you down. Show your moves on the alley in a good stretchy pair of boxer shorts. 

3. Fishing 

I’m sure that you must be today years old when you found out that fishing is an actual sport. But, anyway, don’t you think the fishes would be more likely to get hooked if you were more presentable to them? JK! But, wearing a dope print and fishing sounds like a brilliant photoshoot idea to me, if nothing else. (caption- Did it for the gram!)

4. Skateboarding 

We all wanted a skateboard when we were younger. Of course, not to learn the sport, but to show our swagger to the other kids! However, if you still own a skateboard, I’ll tell you how to maximise the swagger of this sport (tap for some extra speed)

5. Billiards? Snooker? Pool?

I shall someday understand the difference between the three without stuttering. Someday. And till I do that, I’ll pretend to be the Shehenshaah of the sport by wearing the best boxer shorts on the table. 

6. Mind Sports

Well of course, all sports primarily function to stimulate and stabilize your mind. But, mind sports do that without involving any physical exertion whatsoever. Chess, Bridge, Soduko,Ludo,Candy crush and others are 10x more fun to play if you are sitting on your arse right. These brain-stimulating prints will help you do the same.

7. E-sports

PUBG squad assemble! Sitting on your ass for long hours can take some serious toll on your health. While, we cannot help you get more kills in the game, but we certainly can help you get killer prints to sit right and win. Check these combos, and gift it to your squad!

8. Fantasy sports

Quidditch is a sport. Period. And while you are still waiting to be sucked into a magical portal, I suggest you do that with some style. This crazy print is magical  itself.

So playa, now that you understand the basics of acing these sports, move on to the next level and choose from these exciting range of quirky boxer shorts to hit the goal. And if you are still shy to wear boxer shorts outside, you need to burst that bubble of myth man!

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