I woke up this morning afternoon with a sudden craving for Banoffee pie and I rushed to the kitchen to check for the ingredients. Alas, my fridge has witnessed the most massive hunger heist this season and I am apologizing to the weighing scale ever since. That’s it, I am getting my subscription to Sweaty Betty! Meanwhile, where did I hide my half eaten banana chips pack?

This reminds me of one nifty subscription I invested in; Hotstar Premium – with Simpon’s all 31 seasons streaming. Say whaaaaaat! Honestly, this is a satisfaction greater than your crush texting you back. Well, you sit in front of the screen smiling and with absolute certainty of ‘next episode’.

Right now, I am on Season 8 Episode 3 titled ‘The Homer They Fall’, where Homer Simpson starts a new career as a Boxer owing to his medical condition of soaking physical blows! The episode taught me how the same principle can be applied in Life, it keeps punching you till you learn how to absorb it like Homer and then finally you nudge it to exhaustion. 

D’oh! I stubbed my toe again. Uggghh, Dammit, what a waste my Life is, I can’t deal with it.

Amidst the misery that we are in at the moment, online lectures and assignments are testing my patience for sure. I mean, can’t I just save the world with my 5am to 2pm sleep cycle? Do I really have to make an ‘Annual Material Cost Budget for Eye Ointment’! I’d rather flatten the curve(coronavirus and my tummy). And to add salt to the injury, my network sucks better than a black hole, so the next time I yell ‘PRESENT SIR’ 10X , just excuse me. 

While everybody seems to be flaunting their productivity and workout sessions online, I finally learned to make paper planes *ta da da da da Snoop Dogg…*, and I do it better than my younger sibling. Well, after 77 YouTube Videos and one, alright two mental breakdowns.

My quarantine and chill sessions not only revolve around making paper planes and annoying my mum, but I am also the current title-holder of my family’s mid-afternoon Snakes and Ladders Championship! My parents were surprised by my sheer luck in the game and thought something was fishy, but I reassured them that it wasn’t just the calibrated probability of dice aligning to perfect numbers on the board but also the skills I have sensied in dealing with snakes.

On my quest to recover from eternal boredom, I was searching for top 10 ‘most useless things’ on the planet. The list is huge and hilarious! Additionally and most fundamentally, in my opinion from recent visuals; Humans should top the list. It’s as if nature was in a toxic relationship with the humans and now that we are out of her life – sis be glowin’! And I know Google won’t agree, but your stupid ex deserves to be in that list as well along with ‘Boxers with Front pockets’! Seriously though, how do people even think of committing such unfashionable and futile crime. I look at dudes stepping out wearing boxers loaded with wallets(empty as their brains), phone, chargers, ear pods, condoms, cigarettes, chewing gums, nunchucks, Jumanji…phew! Boxers are not for flexing your coolie diploma. 

We at What’s Down believe, Boxers are comfort apparel that you wear to loosen up those nodes and sync with the pleasures of comfort and style. We don’t want you to be a Human version of Doremon’s pocket! But we also understand the necessity of that backup condom when she spanks your tushie and you can’t rush to the stores during this lockdown. Hence- The Back Pocket! A viable and practical element to your ‘comfort wear’.

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