Gone are the days of rushing to the mall for a special ‘Republic Day Sale’. Brands know how to pamper your potato ass and at the same time make the marketing interns work double shift. So believe me when I say Republic Day Sale is a scam and here is how…

Let’s you rest on Holidays

Of course after you have done the bare minimum of being present for the flag hoisting ceremony and singing the National anthem with utter pride and respect for our country. But what follows later is a series of demands from your loved ones at home. “Let’s go to the mall”. “I want a new toy”. “I need to buy it today, it’s on sale” and endless other demands. Uff! But, online shopping and e-commerce has made the lives of many jhingalala. Just a few swipes and clicks away, you can get your loved ones exactly what they want, without having to trouble to get out of the sofa and into the head numbing traffic.

Doesn’t burn your pocket

The sales are specially announced on holidays and festivals because firstly; the marketing manager charges a good amount to work for the company. And, secondly because they know that people are free to yield into the demands of the family. And online sales actually help you by cutting down costs on travelling, eating a dozen calories from all that walking and  searching, and an eternal headache of finding the perfect fit. So, when your fav products are on sale you end up buying it at a reduced cost and without all the hassle mentioned above.

You help the brand grow.

For many newbies in the e-commerce business and local brands like What’s Down, curating a “sale” strategy is nothing less than cracking an algebra exam. So, when we make a TRY-color sale like this and make 21 awesome products available for you, know that we look forward to getting loads of orders from you. A single order for a local brand like ours, motivates us to keep going. It is an indication that we are reaching the right audience and that we are being appreciated for our products and our dedication. So don’t think twice, just buy your fav prints from this R-Day special What’s Down’ TRY-color sale.


Retail therapy is proven and for all genders. So no arguments there. Now, retail therapy works well particularly when there is a lot of it right? Just like in a buffet. You won’t enjoy the sizzlers if there’s just one round of it. While, in a sale you have the option of buying as many products as you fancy while enjoying the 20-50% offs. And the fun of creating a haul for your family later is just the added fun in it. 


When there is a sale announced, the common notion among the masses is that it’s just a “clearance sale”. However, that doesn’t stand true especially for local brands. Local brands are not at the liberty of stockpiling and then literally just selling it off at lower prices. And What’s Down has never compromised on quality and sustainability to even go for such cheap sale tactics. Testimony of all our customers till date and we can vouch on it too. But, I understand your trust issues and would only advise you to try our products in this TRY-color sale to dispel that assumption with assurance.

Well, now if you must be wondering how the blog titled “Republic Day Sale is a scam” turn into talking about all the pros of sales and shopping online. That is because, just like you, I was a person who always doubted such sales but ended up buying the same products at higher prices. So, rather than falling into such Republic-Day-Sale-is-a-scam blogs, you should rather trust your local chaddiwalas and give a try to our TRY-color sale.

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