Vertical Boho Cotton Unisex Face Mask

  • Care Instructions: Washable.
  • Cotton Cloth Mask with Assorted Colors and Prints – Images are representative.
  • REUSABLE FACE MASKS: Made of 100% cotton, non-toxic, non-irritating, soft and comfortable.
  • It’s a reusable & washable and breathable mask for lasting comfort. Use up to 30 times.


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The history of the ever so trending Bohemian style is actually debated. Some say it was originated by the nomadic Romani people in Bohemia, Czech Republic while the others say it was fabricated during the French Revolution.

It is considered a symbol of counterculture and the attire of the hippies. If we go by that saying, all of us should be considered as gipsies because who has not given in to this trend?


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