Peach Yoga Cotton Unisex Face Mask


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Yogatta chill macha!

The cream spot the panda masks are for the yoga-fanatics. We believe, what yoga is to mind is what masks is to your nose currently. Both of these give you peace of mind, covering, and protection.
Just like how yoga helps free your mind, this mask gives freedom to your body from diseases.
With up to 84 Lakh different yoga asanas and 75 actually practiced, There are 3 most widely practiced yoga poses at the moment-
1) The bent down human pose: This is you right now, with your phone in your hand, reading this, while you’re rested on your cushiony sofa
2) The corpse pose (shavasana): This one is also you, resting your back on your bed and sleeping your days away.
3) The easy pose (sukhasana): The third one, yeah, you guessed it right. It’s you again, sitting cross legged with a plate full of food just munching away.

Shavasana still remains the ultimate favourite though.


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