While many of y’all still struggle to pronounce Hydroxychloroquine, I am glad I paid attention when my professor covered this drug in lectures. I could see my parents’ eyes glistening with pride and hope for my future as I explained the drug’s use against this Vaishvik Mahamari (COVID-19). I am sure when my mother gave me that saved-for-later quarantine snack, she meant “Thank you for not wasting my money!” 

Ughh, It’s 4:20 and I am getting my lockdown munchies.

At this point, we have almost done everything at hand. Successfully completed all the challenges, explored our talents in the kitchen and on the paper, learned some al dente Italian after singing Bella ciao for the nth time. However, this lockdown and our  waistlines only seem to be extending this summer; and the only sunshine about it is that I fortunately invested in some great pairs of Boxers! Gee, thanks to the digital age though, I cannot imagine surmounting the blow back in the days. 

It’s been a month and I distinctly remember when we were ordered to evacuate our hostel and return to our homes. It felt like a frantic wave of shudder, followed by absolute silence within and racing thoughts of paranoia and excitement, both at once. Well, now that I think about it, which is also how I would describe my first marijuana trip!

This month is turning out to be more painstakingly painful with each passing day reminding me of 4/20. The other day while cleaning the corners of my home, I saw a roach running out, but I couldn’t slap a slipper on the damn insect. I just kept staring at it and started chanting, “roach, roach, roach”. Or the night when I was sweating in my boxers and I had to curse below the belt apparel; “Damn you, Hot-Boxers!

This was the HIGHlight when my mother asked me the time and I looked at the clock and blushed. “Mamma, it’s 4:20.” I believe my mother has definitely started questioning her progenitive contribution to this world. 

The only high I am experiencing in this holy month is by taking hot showers at 3 in the morning while Cigarettes after Sex plays in the background and diving deep in the depths of Kierkegaard’s existentialism. 

However, I know I am not the only one tripping badly and stubbing my toe to the bed for no reason. Hence, we at What’s Down have an idea to soften the hit and let you enjoy our limited period 420 Boxers at Rs. 420. If not anything else, you could enjoy some printed pot down there! 

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