With many fashion changes imminent in this post-corona world, I think I am ready to step out in my checkered pleated pants and a crisp white shirt with suspenders and a bow tie. Yes, of course, I will be wearing my brogues! Menswear 2.0 huh!

An individual’s style is a statement of their substance. And NO, modelling as the poster boy of Gucci and Patek Phillepe is not a style statement, it is how you waive your  $ 1.4 million Richie Rich whim. 

With this wave of societal shock bound to bring some paradigm shifts in our living and way of thinking, I hope people come out of their houses with a sense of conduciveness toward the most hit section of the society and not just as hobos running to the barber shop in a fatigued boxer. 

Irrespective of your status in ethology (alpha, beta or friendzoned), a dapper outfit boosts your adrenaline in ways your crush couldn’t. Now, if you are as style cautious as me and as devoted as ,Pavel Babala keep reading and I’ll tell you how to serve looks like Sherlock serves crime in only 10 steps. Scroll to get ready for Menswear 2.0

Style Tip No.1: Organize your Wardrobe.

Yes, it all starts with you taking responsibility of your clothes and treating them with respect. You will require no manual or a Youtube guide or a Government abhiyan(campaign) to get started. Ironing included. 

Style Tip No.2:  Grooming and Skincare.

You need to quit reading any further if you think, skincare routines are feminine and will eternally blotch your identity. Just washing your face twice a day and using the right moisturizer is your go to tip. And if you have had a beardgasm, you know how to tame that bush, don’t you? 

Style Tip No.3: Throw out worn out clothes.

This lockdown, we especially have a pile to throw out, rather donate. But, if you are a natural hoarder you need to segregate your picks by quality and now by size as we are all coming out of this quarantine, two sizes up.

Style Tip No. 4: Colours,Patterns and Fit.

Experimenting with colours and understanding contrasts is a bare necessity. Choosing seasonal colour is important though, as it has psychological effect and can evoke different emotions.

Patterns were not made for Tiger King Tik tok only. Patterns bring a wild tone to the outfit and can illuminate your body the way you desire. Don’t be scared to try print on print!

Fit. I am tired of watching men wear jeans slipping down their buttocks. You have a size and you should wear your size! Geez.

Style Tip No.5: Accessorize

No no, stop imagining yourself as a manga character with ear loops and body piercings.  Invest in a suitable watch for all occasions. Some pocket squares on a casual blazer never hurt.

I don’t know about you but I have a cuff-links collection.

Style Tip No.6: Watch Fashion Shows or any Benedict Cumberbatch Interview.

Read that title again and do it.

Style Tip No.7: Shoes. Shoes. Shoes

Do I need to elaborate here? A good variety of shoe collections is more important than your porn collection. Save for them. Buy ‘em and take good care of ‘em,

*BRB, missing my shoes. Gonna wear them and walk around the house.

Style Tip No.8: Overdress, yes. Overstock, No.

Everybody, especially now, needs to understand the difference between these terms and act accordingly. Layering clothes is stylish but stockpiling clothes in the name of trend and an attempt to look like Drake in a 30% off value, NADA. 

Read more about this in our blog.

Style Tip No.9: Never let a woman plan your outfit.

Nobody. I say NOBODY should decide your way of style and dictate their opinions. And if you are one of those shopping-is-for-noobs kinda guy, Bruh! Why are you still here? 

You have your own style and you should own it *coughs Ranveer Singh*.

Style Tip No. 10:

AHH, now this one we leave on you. Let us know if you think we missed on something or something which you think should be here, nevertheless the crisis!

Because, Global emissions are at an all time low but your style standards shouldn’t.

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