“Once a mama’s boy, always a mama’s boy.” A lot of men have gone through the silent torture of having their underwear bought by their moms just to live up to this statement. 

The Real Master of Marketing

We can all definitely agree that no one is a better master of marketing than your own mom. As kids we did a lot of strange things but she could always convince you out of it. Even now, she can manage to convince you to do anything, from pursuing a degree you don’t like to even marrying a stranger. The worst though is when she convinces you to eat doodhi ( bottle gourd ).  That’s when you realise that she has some kind of super power that even Marvel hasn’t been able to discover. We have all been through a lot of these things as kids.

The Right Time To Change Your Underwear

TheIt is time for you to speak up. You do realise that she knows about the holes in your underwear, right? Maybe she just doesn’t know there are seven of them and she for sure doesn’t know which hole is letting what part pass through. It already sucks that you have to eat doodhi for dinner. You really don’t have to go through this on top of that. She knows about it but she will never bring it up with you, don’t remember, you’re always going to be the most beautiful child for her! 

Old Tech Boxers

Throwback To Not So Pleasant Thursdays

Remember those times when your mom bought those jeans that you wore till they couldn’t cover your ass properly? And oh, how can you forget the bizarre t-shirts with tacky prints? Oh, that’s still not where it ends, how can you forget the gelled hair that made this look  classic. Do you still wonder why you cringe so hard while looking at your childhood pictures?

And, do you remember the time when your mom bought you the tighty Whities? Of course you do because that was just yesterday. As embarrassing as it may seem, we are all aware of your secret. It is pretty obvious to be honest. It was bad enough that you couldn’t do your chores alone but getting your boxers bought at this age is another level of dependency altogether. 

When Is It The Right Time To Speak Up

Speak up man, tell her you find the underwear she buys uncomfortable. Tell her that you want the printed boxers instead of uncomfortable and boring briefs. Tell her your significant other spends a good 15 minutes just laughing at you with regards to this. We are all aware of how it is affecting your sex life. Tell her you are old enough to buy your own underwear. Tell her you don’t wish to buy plain white and tight underwear. You want a few quirky prints, maybe of the casino or even just the mistletoes. You could just buy some pairs of boxers and surprise her with them. And for God’s sake, start doing your own chores to prove your point.

Once this battle is won, you can always aim at convincing her to never cook doodhi again.Not going to lie, but that is going to be a hard one.  Nonetheless you have to hold on and take control of your life. Commence your battle by taking the first step of changing your own underwear.

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