A Diwali after 2 years hmm, did it match your expectations? Did the sound of the loud crackers wake you up on Sunday mornings or did the pollution suffocate the old neighbour you have? Everybody had different expectations from Diwali this year but did these expectations out do the close knit feeling you experienced last year while playing cards with your family?

Some Diwalis you want to host taash parties and dress up in ghagras while earning some money while some Diwalis you want to smoke in your boxers with a drink in hand and your closest friends around you.

Even when you wear your heavy ghagras or fancy kurtas the only garment of comfort are the boxer shorts within. Maybe it’s time to embrace your true sense on style in comfort and take a break. You don’t have to meet the heavy standards or society To enjoy.

You can chill and in your leisure wear and just vibe with your friends without having the burden of carrying your clothes well. Because let’s face it, you can never go wrong with boxers.

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