The definition of Feminism may change as per activists’ and IG influencers’ whims and fancies. However, the crux of the matter remains the same. Feminism in simple terms is equity to all- irrespective of gender, age, sexuality, race or political opinions. If you are nodding your head in agreement right now, you are a feminist! 

Whats down supports feminism from ideation to inception. And our products and services are a testimony of that. Here is how:

Unisex boxer shorts

Our boxers shorts are gender unbiased. They compliment your beautiful butts without any patriarchy sloganeering! Our research reveals that most of our female customers actually buy Whats Down boxers for themselves. And that the fly opening in the boxer is actually very comfortable! So, all you boss babes if you really like our products don’t hold back.

(* Meanwhile, our upcoming women’s collection screams in the background.)

Comfort & Coverage

Life is simple. Eat-sleep-play carrom-repeat. But it sure would be an irritating life if you kept scratching your butts because of your poor quality boxers. It’s OKAY, forgive yourself for buying those cheap boxers. Whats Down boxers support feminism and your butts and balls by providing ultra comfy coverage. Our boxers are very professionally categorized into sizes that would fit your body perfectly. Our size guide has always helped all our customers. Although we cannot promise about your size variations this pandemic!

Friendly designs

Our designs are so eye-catchy they leave an imprint on the viewer’s mind. Whats Down’s latest monochrome collection is an example of the dichotomy of feminist ideology- two colors that can make a rainbow when reflected in the right prism of opportunities. We print designs that are liked by teenagers as well as octogenarians! See, we were honest when we said Whats down supports feminism.


The durability of your relationship with your boxers and/or your partner is tested when you know they are comfortable with your noisy farts. It is time to break-up if they cannot withstand your natural human habits, and then talk about establishing deeper human connections! Whats down boxers have high durability towards your farts, detergents and expanding waistlines. 


Quality in simple terms is purity of the product. You can never deliver quality products if your intentions are not pure, right? Our intentions are pure and we want to give you the most comfy feel when you put on your boxers. And, we align our ideology with Mother nature in every step. Buy one Whats down boxer right now if you don’t believe what you just read.

Fresh prints.

Change is the only constant. We understand that and honestly abhore the utter dullness of repetition. Our designs are fresh and continually change to offer you exciting and enticing new boxers. Let your butts know how special they are to you and that you’ll never compromise in making them feel special. ATTENTION: Our previous collection is Out Of Stock, but the last few pairs are left and you can be lucky if you reach a.s.a.p. 

A1 customer service.

We directly answer your complaints and grievances (if any) as per your convenience. WoW,( while you still hoping to get a reply from your crush) Firstly our awesome boxers and secondly our flawless service is the reason behind our happy customers.

Team work

Any idea, philosophy or company progresses if your team work is strong. We are an awesome team that trusts and uplifts . We respect every single person involved in the making of your fav boxers- from tailor to interns to marketing head and delivery boys, we are all a team. 

Now that you understand how Whats Down supports Feminism, we hope to get your support for a small startup like ours! Let us know what you feel about our boxers here. Above all, we are open to feedback and recommendations from you! 

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