Did you know that the human mind has an average of 70,000 thoughts in a day? *over-thinkers left the site*. 

And, the number of times I need my mom’s help is perhaps more than that! From starting my morning sweating top to bottom, because Indian moms think that  turning the fan off is the ideal way to wake their children up while ranting about their dirty boxer on the floor to ending my night asking her to wake me up early for the nth time; I am a complete mama’s boy.

This cumbersome crisis has made me realise the efforts my mom had put in for years, day in and day out into making this apartment a home while I successfully mastered the art of cooking rice in a pressure cooker. Damn, whistles do not sound the same in my mind now!

I am in such a mood of writing all things mamma-maiyaa, but coronavirus is like that creepy school kid who stares at you with his finger shoved in his nose, that bugger. And I don’t why, it just plays on loop in Cardi B’s voice. Shut up. Shut up. Shuuutt upp.

Pheww, nevertheless I am gonna make this Mother’s Day the most special one for the most beautiful woman in my life and I am gonna share it with you too. Leggoo

Step 1- Set an alarm.

Yes, you’re gonna have to wake up early for this one and ON YOUR OWN and going to wake her up with a kiss and a cup of chai (my brain automatically makes the sound of an Indian Railway chai dude.) Now, while she blushes and sips her tea, she is gonna freak out in between and ask if you turned the gas off, so just run to check if you don’t trust yourself. Come back, and beside all the cheek pulling she’ll complain a little about the sugar and the texture of the tea, but it’s okay. It is a universal mom thing to do.

Step 2- Clean your Room.

Your mom is going to love this more than a spa-day or your sorry attempt at making an origami rose and turning your room even messier! It’s time to take the trash from under your bed and turn the torn boxer into a kitchen cloth. Meanwhile, don’t forget to hide your essentials that count under secret hidden stash.

Step 3- Don’t Stop asking questions.

I annoy my mom 24/7 and bombard  247 questions at lightning speed all day so if I suddenly don’t do that, she’ll smell the fish cooking and smack me with sarcasm. And, we all know that Mom’s have a PhD in fluent sarcasm. 

Step 4- Just say it.

Give her a tight hug and tell her you love her. But, don’t do this when she is in the middle of her Ludo game. Just don’t.

Step 5- Cook her fav meal.

You have probably asked your mom to make all your fav dishes in quarantine so far, and now is the time to reciprocate. Well, you don’t have to make a 5 course Sanjeev Kapoor recipe, those spongebob faced rotis (flat bread) and aloo ki sabji(potato based recipe) will do just fine. But, be extremely careful with her crockery. I repeat, extremely careful. Because, if you even get a crack on her beautiful babies, Lord save you SHE WILL kick you out of the house.

Step 6- Give her a massage.

Just put on some 60s music and gently massage her head. In a few minutes, if she starts humming her fav Bollywood retro, you are doing a good job.

Now, be a good boy/girl and give it to your Dad too. He has been side-eyeing for so long.

Step 7-  Dress her up.

Take permission to access her wardrobe and choose an outfit for her, even though she did not do that while dressing you up in a frock! Put on some makeup, although she absolutely does not need it and do her photoshoot. Let her flaunt her inner model today, it’s been so long.

Step 8- Dance baby dance.

Just play some music and dance with her. She still got the moves, just play the right music.

Now, remember that you do not forget all this the next day. Continue to follow these tiny steps and keep showing your love, EVERYDAY. 

Also, let us know in the comments how you celebrated Mother’s Day at home and share your best memory with your mom!

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