Monsoon is nature’s very own repair cycle. It is a season celebrating the process of healing and change and we all have our special stories stitched to this season! Let’s get ready to create a few more memories for Monsoon 2020.

Perhaps the steaming cutting chai and cigarette at the tapri, pakoras deep fried in oil and emotions. Or Pg 244 of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone’ in a corner with a cup of coffee. Or maybe you just keep staining your clothes and curse this season while you still struggle to decide what next to binge over Netflix.

So, our joys and struggles for the season are variable, but we all face a constant problem in the monsoon called- ‘What to wear today?’ While, Monsoon 2020 comes with an additional set of problems, we are here to prepare you in advance so you can become ‘atma-nirbhar’(self-dependent) in true sense.

So, here are the essentials you need to be ready for Monsoon 2020:

1. Hand Sanitizer 

Yes. Hand sanitizers are the new replacement of handkerchiefs and we have to learn to normalize that now as part of our lifestyle. So, always keep a hand sanitizer handy and use it after touching any surface.

2. A Basic Umbrella/ Raincoat

Understand that the umbrella or raincoat just needs to be drip proof and you don’t have to buy a fancy looking umbrella that opens weirdly, rather you could pay the street vendor some extra money instead of haggling with him for a Rs. 20 discount. And remember, DO NOT throw away your old umbrella, just donate it to a needy person.

3. Boxers

You can get rid of those stubborn stains on your jeans once and for all. How? By not wearing one! A good quality pair of Boxers paired with a solid tee and a mask, and you are good to go. And to step out in style, your basic checkered boxers won’t do the trick. Get a good deal on boxers online and never compromise on your style.

4. Covers

A durable and waterproof cover for your mobile to protect your entire life saved in Giga-bytes. You can basically cover all your belongings and step out freely without FOWO (Fear of Wetting Out) by buying a good quality cover for your shoes, bags and even your bike!

5. Donation Box

Yes, get any box and put all your old clothes, bags, raincoats and other stuff which you would generally put in trash and do the deed. 

NOTE: Remember, as the lockdown has eased in many areas, the situation still persists and amidst all this we need to remember the contributions and sacrifices of all the frontline workers. From Doctors and police to the delivery guy who just delivered your boxers to you and all the distressed out of job workers; are counting on your cooperation. 

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