The stories behind how people became friends have drastically changed in the last few decades. With the advent of technology it has become possible to stay in touch but other problems still prevail.So we interviewed a few people and asked them how they met their chuddie buddie to get a glimpse of their story. Here’s what they had to say!


I’m a 60 years old woman and I teach Bharatnatyam to people. I met my chuddie buddie when I wasn’t even 1 year old. We grew up together in the same building and our families were extremely close. My favourite memory with her was when her father got transferred to another place and we both went missing for a while as we were crying out at the back of our building. We were devastated and thought we would never meet again . Somehow even with the lack of technology back then, we managed to stay in touch. She is a dermatologist now. With the advancements in digitalisation it is impossible to keep us off the call now. I don’t know when will I get to see my chuddie buddie next but the doors of our houses will always be open. We will always remain the same young neighbours by heart and spirit.

Friendships over the Decades


I’m a 47 years old man in the real estate business and my chuddie buddie is Vikram Verma. He is pursuing hotel management and surprisingly I connected with him over Facebook recently. He is my oldest friend, we went to school together and became friends when we didn’t even realise what friendship really meant. We were so young that I can’t recall the age. We unfortunately could not stay in touch but meeting him after connecting on Facebook was one of the best things to have happened to me this lockdown. 

Friendships over the Decades


I’m a 38 years old lady and I pursue fashion designing. My chuddie buddie is Suraiya. We became friends in the 10th grade. One of my favourite memories with her is to just walk to school together everyday. To tell you the truth, I looked forward to that part of the the day the most. We never really met after we passed out of school as she got married early and I shifted to another city. On one of my trips back home I ran into her at the street. I’m not lying when I say this but the energy was the exact same. Nothing had changed in so many years. She told me she has kept the picture of us wearing a saaree for the first time on our school farewell! I think we are connected for life and our bond will never change.

Friendships over the Decades


I’m a 25 years old guy and an entrepreneur by profession. My chuddie buddie is Ayushi and I’ve known her since 2009. We became friends in school when I started liking this other girl who Ayushi really disliked. She thought it was her responsibility to caution me and that’s how I met my chuddie buddie. The both os us have been terrible at keeping in touch and do not call each other till we absolutely need to talk. We are getting better and try to meet at least once a week. Different friendships have different dynamics. Ours has grown from not knowing each other to knowing exactly what ticks each other off in seconds. My favourite part about our friendship is that we can just sit at the park and talk for an entire day without getting bored. Some friendships are simply beautiful for how effortless they are.

Friendships over the Decades


I’m a 19 years old girl studying chemical engineering. I have known my chuddie buddy since I was 3 years old because we went to the same school. That’s how our mothers became friends. Initially after changing schools it was our mothers who kept us in touch but with time we became inseparable. Whenever I go back to my city I stay at her house more than mine. We don’t get to speak everyday but that’s never been an issue. One of the things I look forward to the most will always be walking in the empty streets with her at midnight. No amount of distance can tarnish that memory and our friendship.

Friendships over the Decades


I’m a 14 years old boy and I study in school. My best friend is Miraj, we lived in the same society. Our mothers are very close friends friends and we became friends through them. We pretty much did everything together, went to birthday parties together, watched cricket matches in stadiums together, attended classes together and pretty much shared everything. We fought a bit too but always found reasons to patch up. Unfortunately a couple of years ago he shifted to London but we have managed to stay in touch. We call each other twice a year on birthdays and that is more than enough to sustain our bond. It’s a low maintenance friendship.

Friendships over the Decades

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