“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ; these wise words of Bapu( Mahatma Gandhi) resonate on a deeper scale with us, now more than ever. Today, on ‘World Earth Day’ celebrating its 50th anniversary since its advent in 1970, Mother Earth is truly celebrating her Day for the first time, in true sense. 

NASA satellite data shows a 30% drop in air pollution level and that truly is the most unselfish gift we could ever give to this planet.

Right now, if you are pretending to understand the sudden but inevitable drop in oil prices and making conclusions about its effect on the world economy by forwarding WhatsApp messages on family groups and posting stories on your IG, STOP. JUST DON’T. You are not looking like an intellectual but a very poorly narrated version of televangelist Kenneth Copeland Ministries’, “I blow on you, coronavirus” episode.

We certainly cannot magically help the crippled economy stand back on its feet like Robert Downey Junior’s career graph,  but we can do our bit. Tiny tweaks in our lifestyle can bring tremendous change into our lives, for instance:

  1. Segregating waste into Dry and Wet waste.
  2. DIY mops
  3. Wiping your fridge for efficient functioning using your old toothbrush.
  4. Listen to your dad and turn off the fan when not in the room!
  5. Leather jackets are soooo 1970’s.
  6. Calm down, but don’t use air conditioning for that.
  7. Feed water to the plants and your organs.
  8. Don’t fuel your tank and your ego.
  9. Using old clothes as kitchen cloth.( because your poor print boxer only deserves to feel the dirty kitchen floor.)
  10. Now that you are out of a good pair of boxers, invest in some high quality eco-friendly  boxers( because down there you deserve to feel the touch of something special and 98% cotton.)

My personal inspiration for adopting and adapting to such changes is Japan’s ‘Zero Waste Town’- Kamikatsu, Tokushima. Starting this rigorous process in 2003, of separating trash in 34 segments, is now routine to these people. Now, 80% of the town’s garbage is recycled, reused or composted, with the rest going to a landfill. Achieving such a mark on a large scale is dreamy but definitely not impossible. And I successfully achieved that by completely, yes completely sucking the life out of the mangoes. Pulp and peel to juice and jelly. My rendition of Harry Styles’s ‘ Watermelon sugar high’ is changed to ‘Alphonso High’. *belches*

Nevertheless, while coronavirus still dominates the news and dictates our chore duty at home,I am now completely convinced with the ‘YIN-YANG THEORY’; probably the least crisis causing things originating from China. I mean, even after such harrowing reports from all over the world how do these dimwitted people manage to make this crisis a ‘freedom’ protest! Sorry Aristotle, but Human existence is simply all about mitigating the risks caused by stupid people on this planet. Ugh.

To ease the headache caused by these people, I personally lift my spirit by changing my boxers as per my mood. Well, I got options you know- Chill, Sleep, Party and Work. Unlike Kim Jong Un’s arteries my boxers are stretchy and long lasting. So take my word and invest in it.

Meanwhile, I hope that we do not forget to appreciate and constantly applaud the efforts of frontline workers all over the world working day in and day out. And, also look after the most affected segment of our society by helping them with food and medications. And at least, by staying at home!

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