We all grew up wishing to be Dr. John Hammond’s grandchildren in our next lives. Oh, to be a silly 10 year old fantasizing to be in Jurassic Park! Stephen spielberg certainly carries some weight of busted dreams of millions. 

On the other side of the coin, Jurassic park literally made our childhood entertaining and often made us wonder; are dinosaurs still alive? 

Well, the answer to this question is not exactly close ended. That is because…

Firstly, many experts believe that Dinosaurs are still alive and that they breathe with us! Well, I know you are wondering why you don’t see any Abdarainurus round, right? Wait, look up in the sky. Yes, that’s what the experts said. Birds!

Experts believe that birds are descendants of dinosaurs. An idea not so recent.In the 19th century, scientists found the remains of Archaeopteryx, a bird-like dinosaur. Since then, researchers have worked on finding the connecting link between ancient reptiles and modern birds.

However, it is a known fact that around 230 millions years ago, 20 millions years before the Dinosaurs walked on earth, land reptiles were dominant on earth. I’m so glad, lizards are not literally an evolution of dinosaurs. 

Our association with this asteroidically unfortunate species has always been very fear driven, hasn’t it?

We always categorized T-rex, velociraptors, Eoraptors, and Lagorepton into the bad dino list. While, cute herbivores like Abdarainurus and Triceratops easily became our friends! 

I bet if dinosaurs were still alive, the Sheiks would have kept them as their pets! 

But not to worry, your inner child will be pleased to wear this multicolour dino print

Our chill collection makes sure you feel as relaxed as a chilled beer on the beach once you put them on. 

This multicolour dino print is all you need to keep your inner childl alive and active. Because, the spirit of kid in all of us should never die. Perfect night wear to sleep like a baby! 

Also, many scientists believe that crocodiles are in fact descendents of Dinosaurs as they both are reptiles and that they both in fact existed during the same era. However, the crocodiles outlived the dinosaurs as their aquatic habitat saved them from the asteroid invasion without having to use Crocodile tears!

FUN FACT- Crocodiles do produce tears via lychrymal gland. However, they do not use them emotionally like you do when the police catches you for speeding. 

In conclusion, you need not burden your lychymal glands the next time bae refuses to hanky-panky. Just, wear this cute and fun dino print boxers and ask bae, ‘Is Hornosaurous still alive? Cuz, my Dine-o-saurous is still alive and hungry!”

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