Memes are undeniably an important part of our daily life. The internet would be gloomy and utterly boring if not for memes. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is flooded with desi memes for literally every mood and every situation. I cannot think about a universe without memes (50 rupay kaat overacting ka).

We certainly could not have survived this lockdown without scrolling down; laughing at all those COVID memes. Remember the hype in Ramayan memes? 


And, Memes are the best way to commemorate ‘International Joke Day.’ So, here are the best memes *best desi memes* that broke the internet and our back as we were ROFL.

Irrfan Khan re. Hotline Bling 

Even the legend doesn’t approve of the cliche checkered prints. It’s high time you ditch those old-school boring boxers as well. Listen to the legend and buy the quirky prints right now.

Who’s the LIAR?

We have been fooled by fake brand promises in the past, but not anymore. Now, everytime you listen to any indigestible offers by brands, let Akshay Kumar be the voice in your head.

Dr. Rahat Indori’s ultimate advice.

The doctor’s words of wisdom are every single guy’s testimony. And guys after a break-up literally become  Jr. Rahat Indori! But, now you know how to skim away from murky situations or sales online. But, I swear this combo offer is not a scam

Pathan Kid said ‘Palat’

This cutie patootie made us all go ‘Awwaahh’ to ‘Aaahaha’. The viral video was an instant meme blast, literally making our heads turn! Ahmad Shah also wants you to know that Whats Down Boxers have a special pocket. Order and find out where.

Sara Ali Khan said it

Well well, we all know a few toxic people who are a pain in the ass. However, overused boxers can turn into a literal pain in the ass. It’s the worst when you buy a cheap pair and it starts troubling you in just a few months (* screams my previous relationship). Luckily, you can discard the nasty boxers and invest in a good buy without hurting your feelings. 

Feminism Kween

This meme is probably the only way this statement sounds justifiable. Ladies, be loyal to your man but listen to Neha and buy your fav prints here. And give us your honest feedback.

Parachute Guy

This guy made us laugh our guts out. The viral video was a series of desimeme and still continues to be every memers fav template. 200 rupay zyada dedo, but invest in a good pair of boxers. Give your buttocks a smooth landing.

OOOOoooo Bhaiiiiii 

This meme is an emotion and emotions are not to be played with. So, don’t be so insensitive and give your butts what they deserve. And this is pretty much how our customers react after trying on our boxers.

Coffin Dance

Your mother will give you a rather fistful send-off when she sees your boxer lying on the chair;unwashed. And, if your boxers fade away after every wash, *astromania intensifies* you are supposed to buy a superior quality print which saves you. Be a responsible ball-bearer!


Stop mooching off high brands in the name of status, you are  being no Big Boss! It’s  high time people understand their responsibility and come out of their shallow minds. Let’s start being more accepting towards new start-ups and local businesses

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