I know what you’re thinking: “Can boxer shorts be used as underwear for men?”

And we’re here to tell you, yes. Yes, they can. And it’s not just because we have a thing for boxer shorts. It’s because they’re the most comfortable underwear out there!

We’ve been wearing boxer shorts since we were kids, and now that we’re older, they’re still the go-to piece of clothing. They’re so soft and comfortable that if you want to wear them as underwear, they’ll make your butt look great. And if you want to wear them as pants instead? That’s fine too! They’ll give your legs some extra coverage while still letting your underwear show at the bottom of your legs. You can also combine it with another pair of pants if you want some variety in how you style yourself (or just keep wearing it under other clothes).

So don’t feel like you have to wear boxers every single day—if it makes you more comfortable and happy, then go for it!

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