In the 1950s and 60s, fashion saw a “revolutionary” shift in men’s underwear. Boxer shorts replaced the traditional Y-front brief. This was partly thanks to the American boxer Muhammad Ali, who loved his loose-fitting boxers so much that he was even wearing them during matches. This trend quickly spread beyond the boxing ring.

How did it begin?

When Muhammad Ali showed up at a TV studio wearing a pair of shorts, the nation’s television screens went dark, and they stayed that way until Ali put on a pair of pants. The boxer shorts were seen by many as too scandalous for television. Since then, boxer shorts fashion has changed forever, with increased attention on the boxer short design, fabric and patterns. Muhammad Ali may have gotten in trouble, but he also helped usher in a new era for men’s underwear.

Does this create the feeling of extreme confidence you would like to see from a boxer just before a match? You must know how important proper clothing can be in inspiring your performance. We do. We understand that both style and comfort need to be accommodated, especially before stepping into the ring. This pair will make anyone feel like a true athlete, and ready to face any competitor with no fear.

Soon after

Muhammad Ali was a fighter in the ring, but he was also recognised as a fashion icon. He revolutionised boxer shorts and started a new wave of fashion.

The fight against Parkinson’s disease was one of the most important battles that Muhammad Ali fought. But besides fighting in the ring, the legendary boxer was also a trendsetter outside it.

Ali’s designer shorts were trendy and the trend caught on with other professional boxers like George Foreman and Sugar Ray Leonard. In fact, Ali designed his own shorts and wore them during fights.

Before Muhammad Ali, boxers wore long trunks. They came down almost to their knees, Ali started wearing these shorter shorts, which became really popular.

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Even today, boxing shorts are big business, with big names like Gucci and Versace designing their own versions of the famous shorts. While smaller players are making boxer shorts more accessible to the wide range of population countries have to offer.

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