From checking ‘couple compatibility’ to dealing with a heartbreak we have all trusted our stars ( stop nodding if you read horoscopes for promotion, geez.) So, why not trust your stars once again and find out your ideal below the belt Boxers based on your Zodiac sign?

Armillar Ball, Constellation

And, as the World is taking a step to heal in this holy month (stop blushing Gemini), we will help you do the same, but in style. While you get Monsoon 2020 ready with the essentials, don’t skid on your style quotient. And, stepping out in boxers based on your zodiac will set the right vibe for the day, don’t you think?

So, let’s style you up and check which boxers based on your zodiac sign is the ideal print for you.

ARIES ♈ (March 21-April 19)


You love to be No.1, NO MATTER WHAT. Audacious and ambitious, these rams are someone you do not wanna lock horns with. Ruled by Mars, the fierce red planet named after the Roman God of War, the Red geometric print boxers are ideal for you. The geometric print reflects your eternal love for strategies and your unmatched love for competitions  and your uncomplicated and direct approach towards life. While the Red satiates your thirst for challenges and also reflects your dirty mood in bed.

TAURUS ♉(April 20- May 20)


Taureans are the pleasure seekers of the Zodiac fam and a literal personification of the ‘patience and persistence’ posters on the wall. Ruled by the Planet Venus, these bulls seek a calm life, but with their mouths stuffed with food! Hence, the white fruity loopy cereal boxers to always make you feel close to food. And as the sign with the most acute senses –those of taste, touch, and smell in particular–the Hemp boxer is a no-brainer to these earth enthus! The chill print reflects your motto in life and your ultimate love to indulge in  simple pleasures in life.

GEMINI ♊ (May 21- June 20)


If you are a gemini, you are probably busy doing 29 different tasks right now, even in this apparent lockdown. Witty (read: savage), curious ( read: two faced gossip monger), friendly ( read: gazillion social media friends); these mercury magpies are literally the life of a party and the reason why there was a party in the first place. The tropical scenery boxers reflect your outlook towards life and the paper plane boxers perfectly describe your mind; wavering from one thought to another. ( If you are a gemini and this blog caught your attention till now, I feel like the luckiest person on the planet right now.)

CANCER ♋ (June 21- July 22)


A sign so pure, my BP became normal just typing about them. Loyalty, compassion, charm and an infinite pool of emotional maturity,Cancerians are the best people to have in your life. Ruled by the moon, their waning and waxing mood swings are written on their forehead. These goody goo goo goofballs are an absolute treasure who cherish family and friends over anything else in the world and hence the childhood scenery boxers are an apt fit for these babies in boogeyman outfit.

LEO ♌ (July 23- August 22)


The most royal and elegant sign of the lot ( they’d still want more attention.) Leos are natural leaders and have an unmatched enthusiasm to get the work done. Hard-working and generous but with a shade of arrogance and some heavy pride. Their strong headed personality always attracts you, but if you trigger their temper train, just run for your life. The Multi-coloured scarf boxers explicitly compliment your royalty and need for attention at all times.

VIRGO ♍ (August 23- September 22)


* checks if the font size is right, battery is charged to 80% and the gas is off*  If you are Virgo, you already know why you are reading this blog and will definitely buy a pair once you are done. Analytical, careful and bossy, these mercury ruled secretive beings know their way out of any problem in life, which they believe one creates for themselves by themselves. The coding boxers are perfect for these perfectionists who excel at everything they do. And, the yoga boxers reflect your love for a daily routine and a way of life.

LIBRA ♎ (September 23- October 22)


These social butterflies may not be able to pick an outfit for grocery shopping, but are the people who bring justice on the table after a fight. Open-minded, tactful and diplomatic, these kind spirits are so lively and spontaneous, just like a game of snakes and ladders! Ahh, the pink is also aesthetically appealing and is a check to your list of a collection of good-looking things in life.

SCORPIO ♏ (October 23- November 21)


Dark and Dangerous, scorpions have more layers to their existence than a crispy baklava. Ruled by Pluto(God of Underworld) and Mars ( God of War), I think that sums it up! Passionate, persistent, manipulative and  mysterious, scorpions are the most fearless lot with who you DO NOT want to mess, because there is no antidote to this scorpion sting! And, the Casino Boxers ( black or blue) describes a lot about them. You may completely understand the Casino someday but never a scorpio. This motif comes in two colours which you can change according to your mood for the day.

SAGITTARIUS ♐ (November 22- December 21)


“You do not tell me what to DEWH!” is not Pooja Misra after slamming a garbage can, but a typical saggie slamming the door to your unsolicited advice.Adventurous, restless and progressive, sagittarians are not bossed down by anybody and have a very ‘you only live once’ approach to life. Any trips or crazy escapades? You’ll never hear a no from these rebellious optimists and hence the nautical boxers are the perfect fit for you, adventure everyday, literally.The anchor, ship wheel, sea shells on the boxers are your daily adventure reminder.

CAPRICORN ♑ (December 22- January 19)


These workaholics are the ones who come up with the motivational quotes in the first place. Ruled by the ‘task-giver’ Saturn; capricorns are ambitious, sensitive and practical beings who may naturally not be the loudest in the room, but definitely the most successful one. The motivational quotes boxers are an understatement to your disciplined lifestyle and the old tech boxers reflect your old-school ideologies.

AQUARIUS ♒ (January 20- February 18)


‘OUT OF THIS WORLD’  Aquarians are quite literally the aliens of the lot. Ruled by Uranus, aquarians are eccentric, super-intelligent and humanitarians who do not and will not concede to your opinions just because you have a mouth. Their sarcasm will probably make you cry( in laughter or pain) but they are super gooey on the inside. For someone who is always thinking about the cosmos, the galaxy print boxers are simbly meant for you.

PISCES ♓ (Feb 19- March 20)


The cutest and the most bubbly of the lot, pisceans are everybody’s favorite. Empathetic, generous and creative they make you happy just by existing. Pisceans are the first ones to wish you on your birthday and shower gifts and love and hugs ( and not just on your birthday). They are all DIY, doodles and art. The most positive people who get excited by reading a blog on ‘Boxers based on your Zodiac sign’ .They enjoy the little things in life and try to resolve problems with logic if an ocean of water work doesn’t end. And hence, the doodle print is a must buy for a piscean who will probably turn it into something different with their DIY brains and the blue camo print to calm your emotions.

Now,  if you are someone who doesn’t believe in astrology or star alignments or someone like me who just discovered the surprising reality of the subject and is checking the birthday of every single person in my life; these boxers based on your zodiac sign are a fun start into this deep subject.

So, grab your boxers based on your zodiac sign NOW and let us know if you think the prints do justice to your personality.

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