Ass raunchy as the title- ‘Boxers and Sex’ sounds,  I am sure most of you are lying in your boxers munching something. And, accidently popped here after searching ‘What dating will look like post corona.’ Riggghhtt?

We all know the science behind abs and aphrodisiacs, that help us burn more than 310 calories in between 3 to 30 mins. But, did you know that boxers are the new age turn ons for women and perhaps many men! Let me tell you how, Boxers and Sex are intertwined…

1. Playful prints.

While there are many underwears that are specifically designed to set the mood in the bed. (Read here to learn about different types of underwear for men.) But, playful prints on your boxers are 

  1. Cheaper than sex-toys 
  2. Easily available
  3. They are a perfect combination of cute and sexy.

2.  Colors

 While many sex stimuating underwears come in common colours- like rowdy red or shimmery golden. Boxers in wild colors are a good treat to the eyes, right after you throw your jeans in the corner. Colors help set the mood for your night as you prefer. You don’t always have to be a bull raging on the red, right? Go soft sometimes, and make pinkish love to your partner.

3.  Sex statistics

    It is seen that women or men are more attracted to men who have a higher fashion quotient than their inherent ability to make fart jokes! So, basically your choices in underwear gives her an insight to your insides as well( two-ways of course.) Hence, to make a better impression; if you cannot promise about the sex, at least wear something good brother.

4. Sex and more

If you are a kind of person who seems to get easily attached to their partner after sex. And that, you look to build better and deeper connection with the person, you should consider wearing boxers that talk. Boxers that can actually kick start a conversation about something personal to you. And if you see the energy reciprocating, you know you have earned a lottery.

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So, it is safe to say that Boxers and Sex are an inevitable match. And that boxers are the underappreciated underwears that will help you get laid and perhaps more. Hence, in order to get back in the game, or maybe start for the first time, get your support system. And we give nothing but the best in terms of support and quality and some added quirkiness for your ideal boxers for bednight

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