‘Super star of the third world’, Nesta Robert Marley ( Feb 6 1945- May 11 1981) was not just a musician but a spiritual guide who inspires millions, even today, with his perennial music. But, did you know that Bob Marley was born in India!

Bob Marley once said “ When you smoke weed it reveals you to yourself.” And I absolutely love my 4:20 version.The  Rastafari was the  pioneer of reggae, ska and rocksteady music and a spiritual musician as many would call him. Now, we know he was born to a catholic family in Jamaica, so why does this blog read- Blog Marley was born in India!? 

Bob Marley’s Indian heritage is linked to the time when 261 natives of India set foot for the first time on the island across the long distance of a clear Atlantic Ocean, the Blundell Hunter landed on the shore of Old Harbour, Jamaica. The Jaimaican- African bond set so smooth that this beautiful amalgamation of two vivid cultures were the product of “Natural Theologies,” a fact that would go on to help define the Great Revival Movement on the island in the 1860s, and seventy years later, the Rastafari movement. Rastas were in many ways cross-cultural yogis, though that history is rarely told.

Following the same traditions as growing dreadlocks and smoking pot and spiritually aligning one’s soul were the crux of their ideologies. Much like the sadhus and aghori babas in the Himalayas or the rastas on a Goa beach. So what it took a century for the world to see this amazing blend of rich cultures in the form of music, rather a musician. 

India and Indians revere the musician till date – restaurants, fests, art and music dedicated to him are just a few examples.

Now here are some Bob Marley quotes you can use as affirmations when you just don’t feel like it or for when you couldn’t score! Wear these amaze white 420 boxer shorts to add value and high to your sesh and life while you scroll and ‘jammin’ plays in the background.

“Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.”

The most affirming and reassuring of all the lyrics. This quote might not be a liberator of all problems but when you hear it in Bob Marley’s voice, you know that yes things do work out on its own at last. So just breathe and look at life saying, “Alright, alright, alright.”


“Light up the Darkness”

That’s what I say everyday at 4:20! Lighting it up real good using my fav kit from Bake Street Boys. Now, you’ll be able to better understand what this means when you have landed on the clouds. Do big blunts or just put on these super comfy white 420 boxers. Both provide the same feeling.


“Money can’t buy happiness”

These were his final words to his son Ziggy and you know a man doesn’t lie on his deathbed. Bob was buried in a crypt with a guitar, a soccer ball, a cannabis bud and a Bible. But, in a more realistic sense you can buy this to experience happiness and for a long time.

While Bob Marley has left an indelible mark and taken the meaning of spirituality via music to another level, we have only taken a small step to appreciate the legend in our language. These white 420 boxers to remind you to understand your true self and appreciate it while learning to grow and learn.  So ‘Bob Marley was born in India’ may not be completely true but these boxers are one hundred percent made in Bharat!

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