Are boxer shorts out of style?

So you’re a fan of the old-school look, and you’re feeling trendy. Maybe you’ve decided to try something different and ditch the boxers, but you’re not sure what to wear instead.

We get it—that’s a tough call. Boxers are sexy and comfortable, after all. But if you want to go for something more modern, we’re here to tell you plenty of ways to make your legs look great without giving up all the comfort of your favourite pair of boxer shorts.

Here are some of our favourite ways to mix up your style:

1. Wear them as pyjama bottoms: Yes, these are technically not underwear—but they do offer some support for your butt and thighs when you sleep in them! Plus they’re soft enough not to chafe or scratch against the skin during the night. Take advantage of this by wearing them under your favourite pair of jeans or sweatpants with a t-shirt underneath for extra coverage. (Bonus points if you have a boyfriend who likes boxers too.)

2.. Wear them as shorts: If your pants fit properly but still feel too constricting around your thighs or hips, consider taking matters into your own hands by cutting up some old pair of boxers

Boxer shorts are one of the most popular styles of underwear in the world. They’re comfortable, functional, and versatile—perfect for any occasion. They’re also often more affordable than other types of underwear (which is a big plus).

So what’s the deal with this whole “out-of-style” thing? The answer is simple: it’s just not true! They’re comfy, they’re fun to wear, and they’re great for summertime activities like going to the beach or playing sports. Plus, they look good with almost anything—they can be paired with a crop top in the office or with a casual T-shirt at brunch.

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