Boxer shorts are the most comfortable pair of pants you can wear. They’re great for lounging around in and lounging out to the gym. If you’ve ever been to a gym, you know that everyone has them on—they’re just the most convenient thing to wear when you’re working out. And if you’re like me, sometimes you forget about them and leave them in the laundry room all day, only to find them looking homeless at night.

The thing is, boxer shorts aren’t bad for anyone—they’re just good! But there are some people who shouldn’t wear them: pregnant women who can’t stretch out their legs enough to fit into regular pants; people who have medical conditions that mean they should avoid tight-fitting clothing; people who have sensitive skin or allergies; and everyone else who doesn’t want to get sweaty during their workout (or any other time). Boxer shorts are made from cotton and polyester, both of which are super-comfortable fabrics. They also trap harmful bacteria, keeping them from getting into your bloodstream and causing problems down the line. That’s important because there are so many reasons why wearing boxer shorts isn’t a good idea!

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