“If you told me that we’d have an application ready for shopping in less than 2 years of our incubation, I would say – you’re joking. ” – Shubham Kedia, Founder & CEO

Whats Down has always tried to push the limits of our imagination in the apparel game, we come up with more than just quirky prints. Our prints speak personality and give a true sense of identity to our customer.

Think about this recent incident where one of our customers wore a pair of Navy Deep Sea boxers while they went for scuba diving. This is literally combining our vision and reality at the same time!

The inception of the application

We were certain that an application was the way forward to extend our brand as it would give us the luxury to be a one tap away shopping experience for our potential customer. Online shopping applications are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and they perform actions much faster too. Easier to use and complete a purchase on rather than the conventional mobile websites.

In Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, Indians are more susceptible to download an app rather than visit a mobile website, shocking right? But it’s true. The legitimacy of an application is considered higher than that of a website because it is not easy for it to be developed and launched. (it was really not easy).

Thus, as Whats Down has always stayed ahead of the curve, this time as well. We had to be the number one innerwear company to come up with their own mobile application, thus the journey began.

How was the process

It all begins with a simple prototype, we managed to make simple screens that will reflect our colour and theme palette from our website and can be essentially recreated for the app. It was a challenging process as all of us in the team went back and forth to make changes and create an app that is not only effective but efficient for everyone involved.

We can’t say that we have perfected the app, as it is always going to be an ongoing process to add features that our customers would love to use.

What will you add

The most common questions we got after our application launch is that, will people actually download an app just to buy boxers? But that’s exactly something we will be tackling head on this year. By launching our app, we are giving our users a plethora of new products that would make their closets quirkier than ever.

We will be able to customise each customer’s profile, but asking for detailed information and tailoring products exclusively for them. We will also be expanding a bunch of loyalty services, which were previously harder to manage via a traditional website.

How to get it

Downloading our app is super easy, you can do it from our website footer, from our Instagram link, from below or simply search “Whats Down Online Shopping App” on Play Store or App Store.

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