The Morning Sickness

You might believe that you don’t have to wake up early when you have to WFH but that’s just what you believe. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it is really not true. You have to wake up before 10:30am every single day, excluding the weekends of course. Not going to lie, it really makes you realise why lazy days are the best. On a weekday though waking up even at 10:29am works but 10:31 just makes things awkward. Don’t worry your puffy eyes and untidy hair is included in the dress code. You have no option but to fix your sleep cycle.

A Day at an Indian Start-Up, Whats Down.

The Tiny Task Force

You start off with your daily updates of how many boxers were sold or what is the status of the website. There is also room for discussion for the new ideas you get while you are not working. The time from the time you had your last call the day before to the time you fall asleep. After this call, you freshen up for real and start the daily work assigned to you. Everyone has a different duty that they are in charge of. Some people make interesting polls where you choose between either the clock print boxers or the purple tropical boxers. Some people have to do the hectic task of contacting not the smartest people on the planet. Some have to deal with manufacturers for the cloth and prints of the boxers while some just have to make designs. 

A Day at an Indian Start-Up, Whats Down.

The Reality of Working at a Start-Up

Everyday is a new work day at a start up because it does not have the privilege of having a huge team of employees. The work division is separated with very thin lines indeed. This is exactly what makes working at a start up interesting. Somedays you work on WordPress to add products to the website while some days you work on Facebook ads. There is no escape from Instagram though. You learn about how the boxers are printed digitally and where they are manufactured.

A Day at an Indian Start-Up, Whats Down.

The Privilege of Working at a Start-Up

It’s a beautiful process altogether. You have to feel it. The feeling you get when you see the products you’ve been marketing on someone else’s personal page. You cannot explain the joy you feel when you have managed to execute a campaign or seal a deal. You have learnt so much in this entire process that it doesn’t even feel stressful. I don’t want to work in an MNC after working at such an interesting start up. This Indian start up called Whats Down has spoilt me and I hope someday you get a chance to get spoilt by an interesting start up too.

A Day at an Indian Start-Up, Whats Down.

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