Wearing knee length knickers in school to wearing quirky printed boxers in college, we all grew up. But, we grew up without knowing that there are actually more than 5 types of shorts for just men! (lazy boys feel triggered)

Since the last century, the popularity of shorts has slowly transitioned from its place in the military ranks to beach to now many offices approving the wear. But…if you kinda wanna avoid looking like a joker in a wrong shorts’ outfit- we have you covered. 

If you thought our ‘types of underwear for men’ blog was helpful, keep scrolling.

So here are the 9 types of shorts every man should know about :

Bermuda shorts 

A.K.A.-  Walk shorts, Dress shorts.

Use-  They are considered an appropriate business attire in Bermuda ( British Overseas Territory). They are paired with knee length socks, a dress shirt, tie and blazer to complete the outfit.

They are similar to cargo shorts in length, however not as baggy as them.

Trivia- During the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics, Bermuda’s delegation traditionally wears red Bermuda shorts (red being the primary color in the country’s flag).

Pedal Pusher Shorts 

A.K.A-  Clam diggers

Use- These calf length trousers-cum-shorts in nude colours can be paired with a solid polo t-shirt for optimum style coverage. 

Trivia- Originally worn by cyclists to avoid getting long pants getting caught in bicycle chains.

Tennis Shorts

A.K.A-  Nah, they be exclusively called ‘Tennis Shorts’

Use- These are used by tennis players to give them maximum freedom of movement with minimum abrasions while playing. Today, synthetic materials are more popular.

Trivia- Earlier tennis players wore white flannel shorts until Henry Austin decided to wear all white shorts for a game once. Now, white shorts are popularized and acceptable for almost most sports around the globe. 


A.K.A- Three quarter legs, crop pants, man-pris, flood-pants, jams

Use- These versatile shorts can be paired with literally anything. A right amount of chill and shades are all you need to complete the look.

Trivia- They were popularized and named after the Italian Isle of Capri.

Chino Shorts

A.K.A-  Chino pants

Use- These classy shorts literally say ‘Chin up, King’. A definite must have in men’s wardrobe. Paired with solid or printed tees, sneakers and shades and there you go, feeling like the King Of Klassiness max pro.

Trivia- They are a blend of 100% Lightweight cotton while Khadi is 100% Heavyweight cotton.

Cargo shorts 

A.K.A – Combat trousers

Use- The no.1 essential for the wilderness trips. These shorts come with more than 4 pockets and are super baggy. Although they were originally designed for military purposes they are very popular in casual wear as well, with faux cargo pockets!

Trivia- Popularly and regularly worn by Akshar Pathak.


Swimming trunk shorts

A.K.A- Swim briefs, speedos

Use- Not to be confused with board-shorts, which fall below the knee. Swim trunks are body-hugging recreational shorts with an inner lining and a v-cut in front. 

Trivia- When men’s underwear was full-body, they had to wear briefs underneath for swims. 

Boxer shorts

A.K.A- Loose boxers, *chaddi-buddy 

Use- Most popular and most abused piece of underwear in the past few months. Initially only available in checkered prints and thrifty quality.But, now with it’s growing popularity as an outdoor wear, it is available in many quirky prints. Check out the quirkiest collection here and learn how to style them.

Trivia- Wearing boxers shorts are directly proportional to your sperm count.

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